Restomod Toyota Land Cruiser FJ44 with V8 engine!

Restomod Toyota Land Cruiser FJ44 V8 engine 23

Hard to believe this one Toyota Land Cruiser FJ44 Has already run 780.000 miles (approx. 1.255.000 kilometers). And that is even less to be believed optical and technical Condition of the off-roader. If, however, mention that the tuner Icon has its hands in the game, then everything is a bit more understandable. As is well known, the off-road specialists understand their trade in terms of restorations and Tuning on old classics and this FJ44 proves that impressively. The Icon 4 × 4 project is part of the in-house "Old School Edition series“And is in Eucalyptus Green painted. The FJ44 has a body on a frame construction with powder-coated aluminum body. And besides the condition of a new car, it is especially that Power Type who amazes us. Because the service comes from you 6,2-liter engine V8 with GM fuel injection.

430 PS (321 KW) and 610 Newton meters

Restomod Toyota Land Cruiser FJ44 V8 engine 24

And the V8 delivers huge 430 HP (321 KW) and 610 Newton meter torque mittels Five-speed manual (Aisin Warner AX15) including Two-speed transfer case (Atlas II) on all four wheels. And so that the power comes safely to the road, the chassis installed in 1972 naturally had to give way. A is now installed coilover Fox racing and there was 18 inch rims with coarse BFGoodrich all-terrain off-road tires in format 285/65. Insight behind the new rims reveals a big one sports brake system with slotted discs and red lacquered kingsize saddles for a befitting delay. According to Icon, the 1972 classic has been driving since the conversion "far better than the original vehicle".

Restomod Toyota Land Cruiser FJ44 V8 engine 42

We believe that immediately, of course! And the cabin has also been significantly improved compared to the series. The Restomod project has a very modern Navigation system with Bluetooth connectivity, reversing camera and Apple CarPlay installed and also a set Focal K2 speakers is in. There are four further newly covered leather seats, a modern one Three-spoke steering wheel with leather cover and in the rear are still Child seats installed. The cabin is covered by a new one Hood in graythat out seven layers and insulates the passenger compartment well.

You have to budget at least 237.000 US dollars

Only the starting price for an Icon 4 × 4 conversion Land Cruiser FJ44 base from 237.000 US Dollars, you have to digest first. But many details such as the modern headlights, the one that still exists full spare wheel at the stern that LED lighting on the newly painted Roll bar, the cool quick release on the hood that FJ44 icon Badges up to the typical Icon gecko in the grille make the price a little more understandable. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Restomod Toyota Land Cruiser FJ44 V8 engine 27

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Restomod Toyota Land Cruiser FJ44 with V8 engine!

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