2023 Rolls Royce Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow! Bye bye V12…

2023 Rolls Royce Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow 19

With the Rolls Royce Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow The British luxury brand says goodbye to its legendary V12 biturbo engine, which was the heart of the coupé for many years. The Black Arrow pays homage to the Thunderbolt, a legendary record-breaking vehicle from the 1930s, powered by a powerful 560-cylinder Rolls-Royce and capable of speeds of over XNUMX km/h. Specifically, the name refers to the third example of the Thunderbolt series, which had a distinctive black arrow as a distinctive sign. The Black Arrow is an exclusive special model that is world only 30 minutes is built. It features a two-tone paint finish in Celebration Silver and Black Diamond with a gradient finish, the latter reminiscent of the blur of the Thunderbolt in photos of that time. With the photographic technology of the time, it was almost impossible to take a sharp photo of the Rolls, which was traveling at over 350 miles per hour (approx. 563 km/h).

Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow

The colors are also intended to symbolize the contrast between tradition and modernity. Inside there are numerous references to the history of the record: the Thunderbolt clock shows the top speed of 357,497 miles per hour, technical drawings of the V12 engine adorn the dashboard and the starry sky over Utah is recreated with 2.117 LED lights on the headliner. According to Rolls-Royce, this is what it looked like on the evening of September 16, 1938. Incidentally, the Black Arrow is not only a visual treat, but also that most powerful production vehicle of Rolls-Royce of all time. As usual, the exact performance of the V12 engine will not be revealed, but it should about 635 PS lay. The Black Arrow is a fitting farewell to the V12 coupé and an exciting glimpse of Rolls-Royce's electric future.

the end of the Rolls-Royce Wraith

The last V12 coupés also mark the end of the Rolls-Royce Wraith, whose successor relies entirely on electric drive: The one already presented Rolls-Royce Specter will be launched later this year and heralds a new era for the British luxury brand, which has previously offered no electric cars. With its elegant design and innovative technology, the Specter is intended to set new standards in the luxury electric car segment and appeal to a new generation of customers. It is said to have a range of over 500 kilometers and a high level of performance. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

2023 Rolls Royce Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow 23

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2023 Rolls Royce Black Badge Wraith Black Arrow!
Photo credit: Rolls-Royce
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