Rolls-Royce Dawn "Silver Bullet Softkit" from Mansory!

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Rolls Royce Dawn Silver Bullet Softkit 2021 Mansory 1

For the presentation of this "Softkit", which, in contrast to the classic "complete conversions" by MANSORY, does without further modifications in the interior and also continues to use all standard body parts, MANSORY took the special Dawn model called the "Silver Bullet", which is limited to only 50 units Base. As part of this “Softkit”, various “add-on” bodywork add-on parts in carbon, a modified wheel-tire combination and an increase in performance can be ordered and installed individually. In this way, MANSORY can also meet the steadily growing demand for an elegant, easy-to-assemble, but nevertheless effective conversion for the Rolls-Royce models "Dawn" and "Wraith" in the best possible way. On the MANSORY Dawn "Silver Bullet", all of the optional add-on parts of the "Softkit" have been installed and come into their own in connection with the special "Duo Tone" paint, which is also available on request, and guarantee the Dawn "Silver Bullet" a sporty and elegant appearance.

Dawn "Silver Bullet Softkit"

The entire design idea of ​​two-tone is supported by MANSORY aluminum rims in a new wheel-tire dimension.

  • Design - body applications ("add-on") in carbon
  • Wheels - new wheel-tire combination
  • Performance - increase in performance

Design - Dawn "Silver Bullet Softkit"

As part of this “Softkit”, the following bodywork add-on parts (all “add-ons”) in carbon can be ordered individually and installed individually: front lip, rear apron, side skirts, front and rear flaps, newly designed brackets for the front daytime running lights and a discreet spoiler lip for the tailgate.

Rolls Royce Dawn Silver Bullet Softkit 2021 Mansory 17

Rims - Dawn "Silver Bullet Softkit"

In line with customer requirements, the “Dawn” and “Wraith” models are made of light alloy wheels of the “V.6” type in the “Black Diamond” or “Black Glossy” versions in the dimensions 10,0 x 22 (all around). These are tires with the corresponding sizes 265/30/22 and 295/35/22. At the customer's request, the rims can also be individually painted in any imaginable color. The rim type "V.6" was chosen largely with a view to perfecting the appearance of the two Rolls-Royce models in a sporty and elegant way, stylish and in all important details.

Rolls Royce Dawn Silver Bullet Softkit 2021 Mansory 16

Performance - Dawn "Silver Bullet Softkit"

For the Dawn (and Wraith) there is also a performance increase available through a modified ECU unit for the engine control with the following performance and performance data:

  • Power: 740 PS (544 KW)
  • Torque: 1.000 Nm
  • V-Max: 285 km / h
  • 0-100 km / h: 4,5s
  • CO2 emissions (combined): 398 g / km
  • Fuel consumption (combined): 16,7 l / 100km

As already mentioned, the “Softkit” from MANSORY does not, by definition, include any changes to the interior of the respective vehicles. Of course, every "softkit" can be supplemented and combined with all interior conversions from MANSORY. And this - as usual at MANSORY - with the highest quality standards and maximum individuality.

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MANSORY presents new "Softkit" for the Rolls-Royce Dawn "Silver Bullet"
Photo credit: Mansory design

in the video a vehicle on Mansory rims in 22 inches

  • Mansory hub cap with a fixed emblem
  • Mansory side skirts made of carbon fiber (Mansory Bodykit)
  • various carbon inserts (front / rear bumpers, etc.)
  • additional LEDs
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