Video: Rolls Royce Ghost from tuner Platinum Motorsport!

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kim kardashian Rolls Royce Ghost Platinum Motorsport 2022 Tuning Header Video: Rolls Royce Ghost from tuner Platinum Motorsport!

Kim Kardashian is a self-confessed car fan, but every now and then she has one too Tuning taste, who scratches heavily on the tuning fail. But iIn the last few years she has tried more and more with a more subtle look. And ewas in good example their recently unveiled Cadillac Escalade. It was rebuilt by Platinum Motorsport and that also applies to the 2022 Rolls-Royce Ghost from the video below. He was also "pimped" by Platinum Motorsport. As we know, the tuner who claims to be a company works "that acts as the leading designer and creator of high-end automotive culture and lifestyle“Been with Kim for over two decades.

Far from being the first vehicle for Kim Kardashian

At that time there was different Rolls-Royces and Kim even co-designed the latest project. So she had an active say in what the final result would look like. And the result is a vehicle with a bright, contrasting look Interior in orange and white as well as a finish in matt silver and with several individual accents. The roll is also a few millimeters lower and has a new one wheelset (like on the Escalade) installed. Platinum Motorsports shows the details of the conversion in the following video and we hope you enjoy it.


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Rolls Royce Ghost from tuner Platinum Motorsport!
Photo credit: Platinum Motorsport

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