Friday July 30, 2021

Rolls-Royce Phantom Oribe: Hermès project by Bespoke!

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Rolls Royce Phantom Oribe Hermes Bespoke 30 Rolls Royce Phantom Oribe: Hermès Project by Bespoke!

Photo credit: Rolls-Royce

In a cooperation with Hermès, Rolls-Royce has developed a tailor-made phantom for the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa (Founder of the fashion e-commerce website Zozotown) built. The phantom has one green-cream colored Body inspired by the surfaces of antique Japanese Oribe ceramics. And Maezawa collects this Oribe pottery. The Oribe Green was mixed exclusively for the customer and the Maezawa private jet also shines in the paintwork. The vehicle was of course built in Goodwood, West Sussex and co-designed by Hermès in Paris and is natural handmade. Inside there is a leather interior, which is largely made up Hermès leather in the color "Enea Green" manufactured and not dissimilar to its private jet. And since the customer is practically one "Landjet" wish that fits too. Green leather are the steering wheel, the door loops, the gear selector and even the rotary controls for the air conditioning.

Rolls-Royce Phantom Oribe Hermès project

The Hermès leather also pulls over the upper instrument panelwho have favourited disguise the Roof pillars and the parcel shelf. And it also envelops less visible surfaces like that Glove compartment, which center console and Decanter storage compartment in the human body and facts about the Champagne cooler. In addition, the glove compartment lid with the signature "Habillé by Hermès Paris“Decorated. It continues with Hermès piping on the Headrest cushion in the human body and facts about the Calf supports the rear seats and accents in addition Shell white as well as matching Floor mats made of lambswool. Further details are open-pored walnut, “Hermès 'Toile H' Material” on the door armrests, the center and rear consoles and the headliner. If we get more information, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Bespoke Black Badge Rolls-Royce Cullinan in Pikes Peak Blue!

Bespoke Black Badge Rolls Royce Cullinan in Pikes Peak Blue 7 310x165 Rolls Royce Phantom Oribe: Hermès Project by Bespoke!

Rolls-Royce with 3 vehicles at Auto Shanghai 2021

Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge Pop Explosion 2 310x165 Rolls Royce Phantom Oribe: Hermès Project by Bespoke!

2021 Rolls-Royce Dawn 'The Kita' - unique piece for Japan!

2021 Rolls Royce Dawn The Kita 2 310x165 Rolls Royce Phantom Oribe: Hermès Project by Bespoke!

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