Restored Porsche 911 in beautiful Gulf Blue by RSR Factory!

The Porsche 911 has been a symbol for sports car fans worldwide for decades. And for those who want to take their classic to the next level, the team at the “RSR Factory” offers a fantastic option with the “RSR Project” from New York: a completely restored and heavily modified Porsche 911 in a wonderful Gulf Blue Design. In our eyes, the unique piece, which is priced at $375.000, embodies perfection in every detail. The RSR Project of the tuner from the USA, which specializes in 911s built between 1984 and 89, takes 12 to 15 months to restore and modify the XNUMX as it can be seen in the pictures.

RSR Project Porsche 911

Each car is dismantled down to the body - the engine, chassis, windows and interior are removed, reworked and reassembled to the highest standards. Each 911 gets a new one Suspension and also larger Brakes, which enable contemporary driving dynamics. And the Gulf Blue's engine can be configured in 3,2-liter, 3,4-liter or 3,5-liter variants as desired. This enables a desired increase in performance that corresponds to the individual preferences of the new owner. And the brakes already mentioned, equipped with four-piston calipers all around, ensure optimal deceleration.

15-inch Braid Alus & Michelin TB-15 tires

Furthermore, the classic was updated with new 15-inch braid rims and Michelin TB-15 tires that are visually appealing but also functional. The cabin has also been redesigned and now features newly upholstered seats and a special steering wheel covered in soft leather. A modern air conditioning system, which costs a whopping $12.000, ensures that the temperature is always pleasant, even on hot days. Details such as new sun visors, a new roof liner, a new windshield, different rear windows and light carpets round off the interior. In the end, the RSR restomod is more than just a car. It is a tribute to the 911's past and a bridge to the modern age.

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Restored Porsche 911 in beautiful Gulf Blue by RSR Factory!
Photo credit / Source: RSR Factory - the tuning magazine
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