In the 1950s, cars were rare in Spain. It was a luxury that only the upper class of the population could afford. The Spanish government wanted to change that. Germany as a car country was a role model. Seat was therefore founded in May 1950. Seat stands for “Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo, SA”, which means “Spanish Society for Cars”. The first car was built three years later: The Seat 1400 was almost completely made up due to license production FIAT-Divide. The production figures increased, the company continued to develop and entered into a cooperation with Volkswagen in the year 1982. Since 1986 the company belongs completely to the VWCorporation. Vehicle models from Volkswagen are therefore still very much identical to the vehicles from Seat. The interest is accordingly large: the vehicles from Seat are popular. Seat Leon or Seat Ibiza are liked by tuning fans and have a high priority in the car tuning scene.