Smart became 1994 as a car brand of Daimler AG founded. The original idea comes from the founder of the Swatch Group, Nicolas Hayek, who wanted to design a small and affordable Swatch car. In the course of development, Hayek left the project and in 1998 sold his shares in Daimler Benz. The sale of new and used cars is managed from Germany. The workshops are located in Born in the Netherlands and in Hambach, France, which is also known as "smartville". Whether as a two-seater, four-seater, convertible or roadster, the Smart impresses with its uniqueness. This is also reflected in the naming. The "S" from Swatch is followed by the "M" from Mercedes and then the English word for art "art". The tuning of the models is very popular, so the For Two up to 117 PS strongly offered. Autotuning makes the already unique models even more multifaceted, for example in matt lacquer design or desert look.