Crazy +220 hp in the Brabus Smart of the 451 series!

Smart Fortwo BRABUS 10th Anniversary Tuning Stage3 3

The "Turbo Center" is now available for the Smart BRABUS the 451 series even more power on request. From 98 / 102 hp to a massive +220 hp. That means over 100% more power in the 900 kg speedster. The tuning is called "Stage 3" optimization and improves the original turbocharger. In terms of the technical possibilities. Visually, the turbocharger does not change. Inside, however, everything is designed for maximum performance. At the same time, optimum drivability is maintained through balanced response and a linear build-up of boost pressure.

"Stage 3" turbocharger

Smart Fortwo BRABUS 10th Anniversary Tuning Stage3 4

Similar to a Stage 2 optimization, you install the Smart-Turbo a milled compressor wheel made of aluminum with a slim contour and extended tip technology and the compressor housing is CNC-machined and gap-optimized to match. Incidentally, the exhaust housing is also optimized in the same way. With changes to the core assembly, backplate and bearing mounts to optimize durability, a reinforced radial bearing and a reinforced 360° thrust bearing are installed. The compressor wheel is a slightly larger version and with the larger exhaust side, the change results in over 220 hp at best.

further changes at the vehicle are necessary

Of course, changes to the software and other measures to the hardware of the vehicle are necessary to get over 200 hp. For example, a larger one would be important Y-pipe, another exhaust system, an improved Intercooler or a modified one aspiration. You should also consider strengthening the engine in general. After all, we are talking about +100% more performance. Incidentally, the “Stage 3” version of the turbo starts at €1.629,60 and the Stage 2 variant starts at €1.522,14. However, these are new parts. Alternatively, a used turbocharger can also be converted. © Photo: Daimler / Smart / Turbo Center Berlin

Smart Fortwo BRABUS 10th Anniversary Tuning Stage3 2

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