Gymkhana 11 in the WRX style - spectacular as expected!

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Gymkhana 11 Subaru WRX Sti Hoonigan Tuning 26

As announced yesterday - Gymkhana 11 is out! And, as expected, it's spectacular! After less than 24 hours, almost 3 million (!!!) people have seen Travis Pastrana drift in his hometown Annapolis. It shows more than impressively what it is and for his WRX STi are able to. A Tribute days gone by? Sure, of course! In 2008, 12 years ago, Ken Block drifted over an airport area with a 530 hp Subaru WRX STi and started the successful Gymkhana series. And in 2020 it will be another STi that the Japanese will provide as a suitable car. Only this time Travis Pastrana takes the steering wheel and not Ken Block. The Extreme athlete crosses Annapolis in the US state of Maryland in a crazy way and shows that yesterday's teaser didn't promise too much.

9:30 minutes of crazy driving scenes

Gymkhana 11 Subaru WRX Sti Hoonigan Tuning 28

The whole thing lasts 9:30 minutes and begins with Pastrana's drive into his hometown. Pastrana does not start a race against time, but starts with a run-up in the first of the spectacular stunts. And that's about Jump 30 meters further in the marina. And from one bank to the other! And by the way, a cigarette racing boat cruises on the waterway underneath. Then it goes through downtown Annapolis where not only the audience but also the police are amazed. She later lurks outside the city limits with a Pastrana Radar gun and measures 144 mph (almost 232 km / h). Another location is a small airfield. There is a donut session in the hangar in a duet with the new one Subaru BRZ and a short time later the two separate and Pastrana throws the left rear wheel of the STi over the quay wall and the car lands roughly on the side sill and shaves the camera in the process. Irre! Did the full carbon body survive that? We hope!

874 PS and 900 Newtonmeter torque

Gymkhana 11 Subaru WRX Sti Hoonigan Tuning 7

By the way, the monster is cheered on by a heavily tuned turbo boxer. The four-cylinder boxer with a displacement of 2,3 liters, pimped with a billet engine block, does an incredible job 874 PS and delivers a maximum torque of 900 Newton meters. Almost three times as much as the 314 hp and 393 Newton meter strong production vehicle. By the way, the red area only starts now at 8.000 revolutions. Acoustically, you can often see the exhaust in the video with two tailpipes of different sizes protrude directly from the engine compartment. And Subaru and Vermont SportsCars have given the WRX STi a race-ready interior.

Roll cage and full bucket seat

Gymkhana 11 Subaru WRX Sti Hoonigan Tuning 23

You can see a roll cage, a full bucket seat with racing belts, a new steering wheel and of course a hydraulic handbrake to be able to send drift impulses to the rear axle at the right moments. With a digital instrument, a drift timer under the dashboard and lots of colorful stickers, the race car interior is spectacularly rounded off. The new Gymkhana Subaru WRX STi is said to have been built for "To do things that no gymkhana car has ever asked.“And what Travis Pastranas is doing to him could actually be a new level. Decide for yourself!


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Gymkhana 11 in the WRX Sti Subaru

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