Video: 556 PS Subaru Impreza STI with widebody kit!

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Subaru Impreza STI Widebody Kit 2 Video: 556 PS Subaru Impreza STI with Widebody Kit!

A Subaru STI is a perfectly affordable option with a couple Tuning measures to get a real hit for the racetrack. Lowering, sports exhaust and chip tuning, and you're ready to go. But with the Japanese compact sports car you can do a lot more than we can LivingLifeFast YouTube channel now with a crazy one 556 hp Subaru Impreza STI hatchback shows. Inspired by Roger Clarks Motorsport "Gobstopper 2" (see video at the end of the post) an absolutely unique piece was created. The 2,5-liter engine got forged among other things Offal (Piston & connecting rod), ACL warehouse, a new Chip tuning ECU, 5 x 1.000 cm³ injectors, one SC-46 turbocharger and much more.

Subaru Impreza STI with widebody kit

In addition, the speedster has the factory all wheel drive built in and in combination with a Methanol system the STI delivers violent 556 PS to all four wheels. The vehicle is also due to stripped interior lighter and that too Fiberglass body kit, instead of the factory body panels, does its part. There was also a madman rear wing as well as a lot Wing mechanism with winglets at the frontline. The builder uses the chassis Whiteline suspension components with adjustable camber on the rear axle as well as one BC coilover kit. And the video shows you how the part works!


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