Video: 862 PS in the Subaru WRX STI from Travis Pastrana!

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Subaru WRX STI Travis Pastrana Gymkhana 11 2nd

At the beginning of October we got you crazy Subaru WRX STI for Gymkhana 11 and now we have some new information. So far, the key data on the performance of the WRX STI were unknown to us. But now we know that the STI has a crazy 862 hp. The video inserted below is a teaser for the upcoming one Gymkhana 11 episode (will be released today) and the STI should inherit the legendary predecessors such as the Hoonicorn Fiesta RX, Focus RX or the Hoonitruck. Not an easy task for Travis Pastranas' vehicle. The WRX STI was built by Subaru Motorsports USA with the assistance of Vermont Sportscar and has also been given a striking paintwork / foiling for a few days. In October he was still black! Rims, body, rear wing & Co. now have a new styling. Incidentally, the STI is still based on a factory chassis, the A and B-pillars are unchanged, which also applies to the rear lights and the doors.

862 PS in the Subaru WRX STI

Subaru WRX STI Travis Pastrana Gymkhana 11 3nd

The wheelbase, on the other hand, is a little shorter and the standard STI S209 carbon roof has even been retained. But the hammer is the four-cylinder turbo boxer engine with a displacement of 2,3 liters (Series: 2 liters). Thanks to countless changes and adjustments, it produces an insane 862 hp. The topic of episode number 11 is: Travis Pastrana visits his hometown Annapolis to do stunts in the streets. You will see huge jumps, a stunt plane, a motorcycle and various drifts around the docks without falling into the water. And the teaser video shows what the almost 900 hp can do! Ps. Subaru uses the video by the way to show the new Subaru BRZ (2021) in the marina!


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Subaru WRX STI from Travis Pastrana!

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