Superformance LLC.

If you are looking for a real classic, but at the same time not ready to pay the sometimes horrendous prices, the team from Superformance LLC is definitely the right place to go. The company from Whatney (Irvine, USA) specializes in producing replica vehicles. And Superformance is the only provider that can even replicate the legendary Shelby vehicles with official permission from Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc. and also has replicas from other manufacturers such as Ford, Chevrolet or Caterham on offer. The focus is particularly on the vehicles of the 1960s. Sales have been running since 1994 and since then the dealer network has grown steadily, so that the replicas are available in almost every country. They are particularly proud of the attention to detail, the quality, the applied craftsmanship, the fit, the workmanship and the customer service. Incidentally, the vehicles are manufactured by Hi-Tech Automotive, which is known as the world's largest production facility for special cars. The Superformance rolling chassis are usually delivered without a motor and there is also no transmission. Optionally, Superformance LLC helps. here but from.

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