Under €10.000 - Suzuki Jimny as a mini camper!

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Suzuki Jimny Mini Camper Conversion Tuning 3

We just got you the huge one Project Rhino based on a Mercedes Atego 1023 presented and now it goes exactly in the other direction. And to one micro camper. And based on one Suzuki Jimny from 2003. He became the Camps converted and is ideal for two people. And the vehicle was even auctioned at Bonhams for less than 10.000 euros. Specifically, it was around 9.500 euros that the off-road vehicle reached in the end. Equipped with a 1,3-liter in-line four-cylinder petrol engine without turbocharging 82 PS Flitzer combined with a five-speed manual transmission and all-wheel drive and transports the rear structure with only 110 Nm through the area. The vehicle is also shown with gray Anti-scratch finish, rugged Hankook Dynapro RV tires and one foldable Presenters for easy access to the living area.

Suzuki Jimny as a mini camper

Suzuki Jimny Mini Camper Conversion Tuning 1

But the highlight is of course that House on the rear axle. We don't know who built it, but the pictures show that the result seems to have turned out pretty well. the Rear seats have been removed to create a small living area. In the upper part is a 2,1 meter long Driving & riding bits housed and one floor below is one Battery integrated for light and electricity. And one too Two-burner gas stove as well as one Refrigerator has been accommodated. Even on one Washbasin including a water tank with a container for collecting the waste water. However, you can only cook while sitting down, but thanks to a skylight, there is enough Lighting.

Suzuki Jimny Mini Camper Conversion Tuning 6

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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For €9.500, the Suzuki Jimny Camper has it all
Photo credit: Bonhams

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