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Saleen Mustang SN-95 from 2002 with 500 HP!

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Tuning Saleen Mustang SN 95 2002 V8 Compressor Header Saleen Mustang SN 95 from 2002 with 500 PS!

Some people collect stamps, while others collect coins. However, far from coin and stamp collectors, there are of course also people who have the necessary change to put exclusive automobiles in their (air-conditioned) garage, which are then not moved much in order not to lose drastically in value. Classics with a rarity are particularly popular with car collectors, as they often increase in value, regardless of age. Like this Mustang Coupé that was built at Saleen, and therefore one of only 242 copies which left the factory in Saleen in 2002. A total of only 943 pieces were dated Saleen Mustang SN-95 produced, and the vehicle that we are introducing to you in more detail today is one of them. It is currently being auctioned, and it would be surprising if the highest bid at the end of the auction were less than $ 50.000.

Racing Mustang for special occasions.

Incidentally, the vehicle has been in the possession of the current collector since 2017, who, as is well known, had the car auctioned off, and in contrast to a series Mustang, there are some with number 43 of 242 modifications on the body and on the drive train for free. Not only the Air scoop and the rear spoiler, which illustrates the racing ambitions of the Mustang, but also those 20-inch alloy wheels called Verde, which are not kept in green, as the name might suggest, but are painted completely black, are among the optical highlights.

It might make more sense to attach smaller wheels to the athlete in order to improve handling and cornering properties, because the car is actually not designed for the big show, but for trips to the racetrack. The exterior color called Mineral Gray fits harmoniously into the overall concept and forms a tasteful contrast to the black rims. Restrained from the outside, you can (almost) not see the power that is in the car. Only to the Cooling air openings and the rear spoiler Connoisseurs suspect that this is not a conventional Mustang. Of course one is allowed to Badge with serial numberthat shows "Manufactured by Saleen" are not missing.

In the interior, almost everything remained standard.

Tuning Saleen Mustang SN 95 2002 V8 Compressor 11 Saleen Mustang SN 95 from 2002 with 500 PS!

The interior has the typical plastic flair of the US cars from the turn of the millennium. A rather loveless plastic desert, which may seem cheap and ordinary to spoiled European car fans, adorns the Saleen Mustang. We would have liked more attention to detail, and that too white round instruments with "Saleen" lettering can't turn things around.

4,6-liter V8 with supercharger charging

The compensates for the very below-average cockpit 4,6 liter V8 petrol enginethat with the help of a compressor on 500 HP is driven. Unfortunately, we don't have any information about the exact torque and performance, but the Mustang, which rolled off the assembly line in 2002, is likely to show the taillights of many a super sports car on the quarter mile.

Tuning Saleen Mustang SN 95 2002 V8 Compressor 14 Saleen Mustang SN 95 from 2002 with 500 PS!

Our Summary to Saleen-Mustang SN-95:

In Europe it would probably fly under the radar and possibly be offered at a bargain price at a backyard dealer. In the USA, on the other hand, it is an upcoming classic, and we would like it to fall into loving hands, who will cherish and care for it, because the Saleen edition of the Mustang is a rarity. If you also liked this very special Ford, then you can take a look at the corresponding picture gallery that we have added to the post. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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2015er Saleen S302 Ford Mustang Black Label in the video!

2015er saleen s302 ford mustang 310x165 Saleen Mustang SN 95 from 2002 with 500 PS!

Ford Mustang Saleen S302 White Label for sale!

Ford Mustang Saleen S302 White Label Tuning Header 310x165 Saleen Mustang SN 95 from 2002 with 500 PS!

Saleen S281SC based on the Ford Mustang Cabriolet!

Saleen S281SC Basis Ford Mustang Cabriolet Tuning 28 310x165 Saleen Mustang SN 95 from 2002 with 500 PS!

Saleen Mustang SN-95 from 2002 with 500 HP!
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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Saleen Mustang SN 95 from 2002 with 500 PS!

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