Saleen SA-40 Speedster based on Ford Mustang with 800 HP!

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Speedster models are always something very special. With their extremely flat windshield and often no top, they come extremely close to real sports cars. It's the same with Saleen SA-40, a Speedster based on the sixth generation Ford Mustang, which is being produced in a small series of just 40 units to mark Saleen's 10th anniversary. The purchase price for the limited-edition vehicle is a whopping $142.000. The first copy of the series will be raffled off for a good cause and one lucky winner can look forward to it. We would like to introduce you to the extravagant sports car in more detail.

Saleen body kit causes a stir!

It's not just him Speedster Conversion, which stirs up spirits, but also the controversial body kit, which contains special bumpers, wide side skirts, large air intakes on the front fenders, a power dome with air scoop & air intakes and tinted headlights. In addition, there is the unique rear attachment with the typical Speedster humps, which makes the conversion unique and the suffix to the name Speedster justifies.

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Incidentally, some components are made of carbon, such as the front lip, the side skirts and the two brackets on the rear attachment. The limited-edition Sportsman's rims were designed by Saleen specifically for this vehicle and feature a five-spoke concave star finish with a light gray finish. All vehicles of the special series will be in Speedlab yellow painted and also receive black applications.

Colorful continues in the interior!

Saleen SA 40 Speedster Ford Mustang Base Tuning 2023 2

A special feature of the Speedster is the number of seats. While four occupants can be seated in the normal Mustang convertible, this vehicle is pure Two-seater. Inside the cockpit you'll find black leather seats with white topstitching, white door panels and plenty of yellow accents that pick up on the exterior paintwork.

Coyote V8 supercharged petrol engine provides propulsion!

The unit that drives the car is a 5-liter V8 petrol engine from the Coyote series, thanks to supercharged stunning 811 PS & 915 Nm maximum torque performs. In order to be able to use the power optimally, the SA-40 Speedster got a suspension from Racecraft and a brake upgrade from Saleen. However, we have not received any information on the performance so far, but we do know that the power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a ten-speed automatic transmission.

Our conclusion:

  • A dreamy Speedster for individualists that appears very extroverted. Congratulations to Saleen for bringing such a special model to the market. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Saleen SA-40 Speedster based on Ford Mustang with 800 HP!
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