Thursday July 22, 2021

SARD Toyota GR 86 "GT1 Concept" presented with body kit!

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SARD Toyota GR 86 GT1 Concept Tuning 2021 2 SARD Toyota GR 86 GT1 Concept presented with body kit!

With the premiere of the Toyota GR 86, the sporty coupe aroused the interest of Japanese tuners. And for a good two weeks now, the games on the subject of modifications to the little Supra brother have been open. Because from TOMs, about HKS up to Gazoo Racing Since then, various conversions have been taking place on the big stage and of course SARD Corporation should not be missing here. SARD has specialized in tuning and racing with Toyota vehicles for decades and recently showed the so-called "Concept GR 86 GT1" and thus gave an outlook on an upcoming tuning kit for the rear-wheel drive sports car. A newly designed one can be seen on the GT 86 bumper with a large central air inlet and also a front splitter and triangular air inlets on the sides are directly integrated. In addition, the front shows itself without Toyota emblem.

SARD Toyota GR 86 "GT1 Concept"

It continues with big ones side skirtsthat in combination with new Fenders front (including gills) and extensions create a pretty massive look at the back. The white photo vehicle also received a set of dark paints 18 inch aluminum rims type BBS RE-V7 with Bridgestone Potenza tires in the format 245 / 35R18 and also one not known to us Lowering.

And at the stern? Of course, a lot has happened here too. You can see new ones black taillights with round LED graphics, there were two fairly large ones blue burned tailpipes and one rear wing in noble carbon fiber. The apron with the central LED rear fog light is the same, apart from the two-sided ones essays to widen the fenders, complete the series.

Sports seats with leather cover in black / red

SARD Toyota GR 86 GT1 Concept Tuning 2021 9 SARD Toyota GR 86 GT1 Concept presented with body kit!

And in the interior you have already swung the tuning club a little. You can see a Titanium gear knob, there were Bucket seats with SARD badges on the headrests and red leather cover and also the Foot mats shine in red. And from a technical point of view, too, something already seems to have happened. Although the information is scarce that the photo vehicle has noisy unconfirmed reports but apparently one Torsen limited-slip differential installed. We are (still) not aware of anything with regard to performance improvement. If we get more information about the changes to the SARD Toyota GR 86 "GT1 Concept", there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Toyota Supra (MK4) with contemporary tuning

Toyota Supra MK4 contemporary tuning header 310x165 SARD Toyota GR 86 GT1 Concept presented with body kit!

Dwarven Rebellion - Honda S600 vs. Toyota Yaris GR

Honda S600 vs. Toyota Yaris GR 6 310x165 SARD Toyota GR 86 GT1 Concept presented with body kit!

Race premiere at the DTM Trophy for Toyota Gazoo Racing Germany!

DTM Trophy Toyota Gazoo Racing Germany 3 310x165 SARD Toyota GR 86 GT1 Concept presented with body kit!

SARD Toyota GR 86 "GT1 Concept"
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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 SARD Toyota GR 86 GT1 Concept presented with body kit!

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