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SEMA 2015 - Council-Look BMW E28 5 Series Race Car

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News from the well-known and absolutely legendary BMW E28 5er named "Rusty Slammington" which was completely rebuilt by Mike Borroughs after a fire about 4 years ago. At the last SEMA Tuning Show (took place from November 3rd to 6th, 2015) Mike Borroughs presented the vehicle and showed what can happen in 4 years. Of course we have tried to find out the most important details about the rebuilding and have found what we are looking for. We have listed some technical data and information about the optics below for you in a small summary. If you would like to see more vehicles from Sema 2015, just click HERE!

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(Photos: StanceWorks)

These are the details known to us (the car stand up to the 06.11.2015 on the SEMA):

  • BMW E28 5er series in RAT look optics
  • Name: Rusty Slammington
  • Tuning by Mike Burroughs (four years of construction)
  • Tubular chassis
  • Roll cage
  • BMW S38 engine with tuning by VAC Motorsports (displacement 3,7 liters, 14: 1 compression ratio, dry sump lubrication, etc.)
  • sidepipes
  • Alloy rims from the Porsche 956 (BBS motorsport rims ("E52") in 16 × 12 inches at the front and 19 × 14.5 inches at the rear
  • Wilwood brake system
  • large front spoiler, side nipple, diffuser, clear fender flares all around, rear spoiler
  • Bonnet with quick-release buckles
  • Rat-look optics with shark foiling (real rust and not like on 13 Three Motor Sports Ford Mustang or even this Cadillac Escalade from Metro Wrapz in the form of a foil)
  • Roof possibly chopped !?
  • Rennstize
  • racing gear
  • Racing steering wheel (Alcantara)
  • Fire extinguishing system
  • modified airride suspension
  • Car cut to 30 centimeters
  • welded closed rear doors
  • front doors extended
  • sequential gearbox,
  • Slick tires
  • Headers


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