The ninth Škoda trainee car: more electrifying than ever!

2023 Skoda Azubi Car No. 9 Enyaq IV Base 2

More electrifying than ever before and shaped by the spirit of discovery that is typical of the Škoda brand: This is how the ninth trainee car presents itself, in which 29 young people from the automobile manufacturer are involved this year. Based on the purely electric SUV model Škoda Enyaq iV, the trainees are developing a multifunctional camping vehicle that also serves as a mobile office. The dream car cleverly fulfills the wishes and expectations of modern explorers. With the support of the Škoda design team, the junior staff have now completed the first sketches for the Škoda student car.

2023 Škoda Trainee Car

  • For the first time, the one-off developed by Škoda trainees is based on the all-electric Škoda Enyaq iV
  • 29 junior staff are transforming the battery-electric SUV into a camper with office functionality, inspired by the new Škoda claim 'Explore More'
  • Apprentices at the Škoda Vocational School have now submitted their first design sketches

Oliver Stefani, Head of Škoda Design, explains: “We at Škoda Design are very pleased that we can give our young talents practical insights into our daily work as part of this fantastic project and get them enthusiastic about it. The Trainee Car project brings together three of Škoda’s greatest strengths: our hands-on mentality, our outstanding team spirit and our will to make things happen. Everyone at Škoda Design is very excited to see the new trainee car live for the first time.”

Trainees create an office environment far away from conventional offices

Since 2014, the Škoda design department has been one of the first points of contact for the vocational students participating in the project. In practical collaboration with Oliver Stefani, Head of Škoda Design, and his team, they develop initial sketches of the body and interior of their dream car, which they then produce themselves.

2023 Skoda Azubi Car No. 9 Enyaq IV Base 5

They independently implement the entire project from the original concept to the finished vehicle. The ninth trainee car that is now being built is designed as a multifunctional camper with the functions of a mobile office. The technical basis is provided by the Škoda Enyaq iV, the brand’s first production model based on the Volkswagen Group’s modular electrification toolkit (MEB).

This is how the junior staff fill the claim 'Explore More' with life

The personality of their dream car is already clearly expressed in the trainees' design sketches. The first trainee car based on an Enyaq iV is intended to accompany people as a battery-powered office camper on their journeys to new horizons. It opens up spaces for personal experience and discovery and also underscores Škoda's commitment to electromobility. As is typical of the brand, the upcoming trainee car also has a number of distinctive Simply Clever features and state-of-the-art technologies.

2023 Skoda Azubi Car No. 9 Enyaq IV Base 6

At the same time, the young people rely on a wide variety of sustainable materials. The goal of this vehicle is clear: it should give the user the opportunity to live as a digital nomad. Working without being tied to a fixed desk and equipped with the freedom to move to any destination and at any time: the future trainee car impressively fills Škoda's new 'Explore More' concept with life and presents itself as the ideal vehicle for modern explorers and independent adventurers.

2023 Skoda Azubi Car No. 9 Enyaq IV Base 3

Jiří Hadaščok, Exterior Design Coordinator at Škoda Auto: “The trainees at the Škoda Vocational School are once again doing an impressive job this year. I'm always very happy to take part in this project and support the trainees - also because I'm learning something myself. I think it's great to see the development process from a different perspective and to be able to try new approaches. Watching how our trainees translate the 'Explore More' strategy into concrete ideas and how they make this a reality never fails to impress me.”

2023 Skoda Azubi Car No. 9 Enyaq IV Base 4

Agáta Fraňková, a painter in her second year of training, was so able to impress the Škoda designers with her designs that she was the first participant in the history of the Škoda trainee car to be offered an internship in the design team. She explains: “The Škoda trainee car is an impressive project. At the beginning I was particularly enthusiastic about the support of the designers. Now I'm super happy to be part of this team myself. I look forward to seeing their work up close – and learning about the latest design techniques and developing my own skills.”

The Škoda Student Cars: outstanding projects since 2014

Since 2014, every year at the Škoda Vocational School has developed a design for an extraordinary concept car and then put it on wheels themselves. The Citijet, a spectacular roadster based on the Škoda Citigo, made the start in 2014. In the years that followed, the Funstar, a pickup version of the Fabia, and the Atero coupe, derived from the Rapid Spaceback, followed. In 2017, the trainees completed their first purely electrically powered model. The Element celebrated its premiere two years before the production version of the Citigoe iV.

2023 Skoda Azubi Car No. 9 Enyaq IV Base 7

The 2018 Sunroq was a convertible version of the compact SUV Škoda Karoq. A year later the extreme Mountiaq followed, a pickup study of the Kodiaq. In 2020, the trainees presented the Slavia Spider, which was based on the Scala. After a one-year break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the junior staff from the Škoda Vocational School started working with the experts from Škoda Motorsport in 2022. The result: the Škoda Afriq, a competition vehicle specifically developed for the diverse challenges of rallying. It was based on the city crossover Kamiq.

2023 Skoda Azubi Car No. 9 Enyaq IV Base 1

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2023 Škoda Azubi Car (No. 9) based on Enyaq iV - more electrifying than ever!
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