2022 Ford Bronco with Airride chassis on Vossen rims!

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2022 Ford Bronco Airride chassis Vossen rims Slammed 5

Higher or lower? Especially when it comes to SUV tuning, that's the question of all. Many off-road enthusiasts would just turn up their noses when they hear that you get a four-wheel drive SUV lowered. It must also be noted that it makes little sense to lower an SUV, because the robust SUV look is completely lost, and the vehicles often look like higher station wagons. However, some SUV models, and above all pickups, are lowered by means of a lowering Airride chassis good to face. And now we are introducing you to a Ford Bronco with Airride chassis, which is sure to cause controversial discussions on the internet.

Current generation deep bronco!

Off-road fans have to be very strong now, because it is almost a crime to do a Bronco with the help of one Airride chassis to lay as deep as possible. But the promo vehicle from Vossen Wheels, the US-American rim specialist, is the first Ford Bronco of the current generation in the world, which has been massively lowered and thus robbed of its off-road capability.

Off-road tires or off-road tires, for many Bronco fans this type of tuning may be unforgivable, as you normally only get a Bronco raisedto get the maximum off-road capability out of it. But now we come to the rims that adorn this sacrilege Ford. There are 20-inch Alus in anthracite with a floral Y-spoke lookwhose webs are arranged like a flower that is on the name HF6-3 hear. Visually, these alus go perfectly with the Bronco, because they harmonize well with the retro design of the car.

Apart from the fact that you actually get a Bronco on principle will not should lower, the slammed Ford doesn't look bad at all. Nevertheless, we are of the opinion that this should remain a one-time attempt and that it is not recommended for imitation.

Everything is standard in the interior!

As far as we know, the interior has not been changed and everything stayed in its original place, so that every Bronco fan can find his way around the cockpit quickly and easily.

The Bronco is powered by an Eco-Boost engine with a displacement of 2,3 or 2,7 liters.

We only know that a unit from the above-mentioned Eco-Boost series drives the Bronco. Whether it's the 2,3 liter four-cylinder petrol engine or 2,7 liter V6 petrol engine is unfortunately not known to us. Both a seven-speed manual switch and a ten-speed automatic transmission are available for the model, and unfortunately we do not know which type of transmission is used in the Bronco. all wheel drive is of course series with such a crude off-roader, anything else would be a betrayal of the fan base.

Our Summary for the Ford Bronco with Airride chassis:

There are things you shouldn't even try, and this kind of tuning is actually part of it. Should a Unimog get an Airride chassis next, or a Ferrari a lift kit? Usually nobody wants to see that, but it still looks more or less cool! If you are interested in the vehicle, you can click on the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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2022 Ford Bronco with Airride chassis on Vossen rims!
Photo credit: Vossen Wheels

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