Brabus tuning on the new Smart #1! All-wheel drive & +400 PS?

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Tuning by Brabus on the new Smart 1 all-wheel drive 2

In April the Smart # 1 as a new beginning for the brand and only recently we discussed an eventual Brabus version with over 400 hp and all-wheel drive reported. She should come with me BRABUS logos, front spoiler, rear spoiler, bigger alloy wheels, red-black Calipers as well as additional air intakes be equipped at the front. And now there is some news on the subject, which does not yet reveal any specific technical data (currently one speaks of 299 kW/406 hp), but at least the first pictures have now been published. And this is what the Smart #1 compact SUV from Brabus looks like. The Brabus Smart #1 has a sharp and sporty look and especially the little red ones Appearances on the door profiles and the bumpers, as well as the red one roof spoiler fit well, we think. the apron front was changed with air intakes stocked and also the 19-inch alloy wheels all around are chic.

Tuning by Brabus on the new Smart #1

  • BRABUS exterior and interior design elements
  • Premium performance styling (Rear spoiler, 19 dynamo rims, red radiator grille, additional air intakes on the bumper)
  • Interior with leather/Alcantara steering wheel, seats and headrests in microfiber suede with BRABUS design seams including red seat belts, modified sun visors, metal pedals)

And there is more red in the Cabin. And in the form of the new one seams in the seats and with the details on dashboard are available as assessories. headrests. Of course, everything is typical Brabus Leather, microfiber and Alcantara based. To do this, use high-quality aluminum pedals another accent. Whether the Smart #1 optimized by Brabus will actually have two electric motors and even all-wheel drive remains questionable. That Brabus then also the Brakes and I baked the landing gear would have to be upgraded accordingly, there is no question about that. And what does the extra power do with the maximum range? Questions that will probably be answered at the debut on August 26th at the Chengdu Motor Show in China. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Brabus tuning on the new Smart #1! All-wheel drive & +400 PS?
Photo credit: Smart
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