Tuner SPOFEC refines the new Rolls-Royce Ghost!

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Tuning SPOFEC Novitec Rolls Royce Ghost 11

The new Ghost is probably the sportiest interpretation of a Rolls-Royce sedan that has ever existed. And thus an excellent basis for the designers and technicians from SPOFEC, a company of the NOVITEC GROUP. This brand exclusively refines the automobiles with the Spirit of Ecstasy radiator ornament on the hood, the first letters of which make up the brand name SPOFEC. An individual program has also been developed for the British luxury four-door car that gives the Ghost even more driving dynamics and an even more extravagant appearance. SPOFEC Motortuning helps the twelve-cylinder engine with two turbochargers to achieve 504 kW / 685 hp peak power and 958 Nm maximum torque. This shortens the sprint time from 0 - 100 km / h to just 4,5 seconds. The top speed remains limited to 250 km / h.

22 inch SPOFEC forged wheels

  • 114 horsepower more and exciting sound at the push of a button for the twelve-cylinder biturbo engine
  • Sporty and elegant aerodynamics program, 22-inch high-tech forged wheels and 40 millimeters lowering

In keeping with the increased driving dynamics, SPOFEC gives the new Ghost an even more athletic design with sporty, elegantly styled body components made of carbon. 22-inch SPOFEC forged wheels, which were developed together with the American rim manufacturer Vossen, perfectly fill the wheel arches. With the SPOFEC chassis module, the luxury sedan is lowered by approx. 40 millimeters. With a peak output of 420 kW / 571 hp and a torque of 850 Nm, the 6,75 liter V12 biturbo engine of the Rolls-Royce Ghost still has some reserves. Optimal breeding ground for the SPOFEC engine technicians, who adapt an N-TRONIC module to the electronic engine management in a plug-and-play process, which feeds programmed maps for injection and ignition in complex tests and moderately increases the electronic boost pressure control.

685 PS and 958 Nm torque

Tuning SPOFEC Novitec Rolls Royce Ghost 1

This boosts the twelve-cylinder to 504 kW / 685 hp at just 5 rpm. At the same time, the maximum torque increases to 400 Nm. The pulling power in daily driving and the acceleration values ​​also benefit from this. The refined luxury sedan catapults itself from a standstill to 958 km / h in just 4,5 seconds. The electronic speed limit of 100 km / h remains untouched due to the high vehicle weight. On request, SPOFEC can also emphasize this significantly increased dynamic with a more exciting background noise. For this purpose, a sports exhaust system made entirely of stainless steel with exhaust flap control was developed. This means that the engine sound can be selected from the cockpit via remote control, either deliberately or very powerfully.

aerodynamically efficient body components

Tuning SPOFEC Novitec Rolls Royce Ghost 6

The task for the SPOFEC designers was to give the Rolls-Royce Ghost a sporty, elegant touch. To do this, they developed tastefully designed and aerodynamically efficient body components for both wheelbase variants of the Ghost, which are made from light but high-strength carbon. The new face for the Rolls-Royce is shaped by the new SPOFEC front apron, which is not only visually striking due to its large air inlets, but also reduces lift on the front axle at high speeds. This further optimizes directional stability. The new aerodynamic part, which is optionally also available with integrated vertical LED position lights, connects perfectly to the likewise new SPOFEC fenders on the front axle, which have a distinctive air outlet behind the wheel cutout on each side.

Tuning SPOFEC Novitec Rolls Royce Ghost 5

The SPOFEC side skirts are available in tailor-made versions for the Ghost models with a short or long wheelbase. This makes the British four-door look even deeper and more elongated. The rear view is also given an athletic upgrade with the new rear apron and spoiler lip from SPOFEC. Wheels make cars and so the SPOFEC technicians developed high-tech forged wheels for the new Ghost, which are manufactured by Vossen, one of the world's leading manufacturers in this field. Nine pairs of double spokes extending to the outer horn characterize the SPOFEC SP2 design, which is shown here in a polished silver version. In the dimensions 9.5Jx22 at the front and 10.5Jx22 on the rear axle, they optimally fill the available space in the wheel arches with 265/35 ZR 22 and 295/30 ZR 22 tires.

deeper with the SPOFEC CAN-Tronic chassis module

The SPOFEC CAN-Tronic chassis module is specially tailored to the 22 inch tires. A new programming of the air suspension of the Ghost lowers the vehicle by approx. 140 millimeters up to a speed of 40 km / h compared to the series. At higher speeds, the body automatically rises back to production level. Another option that SPOFEC realizes in the highest quality is the exclusive interior refinement, which realizes the personal wishes of the respective vehicle owner down to the last detail.

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Tuner SPOFEC refines the new Rolls-Royce Ghost!
Photo credit: Spofec GmbH

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