Sporty Infinity G37 with Bodykit & Vertini RF1.3. rims

Infinity G37 Carbon body kit Vertini RF1.3. Rims tuning 15

In March 2009 Infiniti started the sale of the revised saloon G V36 / CV36. The whole is called since then G37 and is rarely seen in this country. Infiniti immediately used the facelift to equip the notchback model with, among other things, the eye-catching, brand-typical radiator grille as it is still used in current models. Of course, the front apron also got a facelift and in addition to modified air intakes, fog lights are now integrated. The coupé, on the other hand, was taken over almost unchanged, in June 2009 there was a convertible with a steel folding roof, which is even more rarely seen than the two closed versions. The rim label Vertini Wheels, which belongs to KOYA WHEELS CO., LTD. belong. They put a G37 sedan on Vertini RF1.3. Rims that sit down to the last millimeter in the wheel arch thanks to a mega extreme lowering. We do not have any information about how the lowering is achieved, but as sick as it looks on the rear axle, it cannot be anything other than an Airride air suspension.

Infinity G37 Carbon body kit Vertini RF1.3. Rims tuning 3

And the rest of the sedan, which is actually pretty staid, has also been completely changed. There is now a carbon front spoiler on the front bumper and the side skirts are also made of carbon. The bonnet is also given air inlets on the right and left, giving it a certain individuality. The rear got a significant change, here a completely new tailgate was built which has an integrated spoiler that reminds a little bit of the BMW E46 M3 CSL. You can also clearly see the huge carbon diffuser which contains a right & left sports exhaust system with blue-burnt tailpipes. Probably the most discreet component is the carbon roof spoiler that sits on the rear window. A highlight are definitely the new main headlights at the front, which not only have a darkened inlay with color accents but also seem to shine in several color variants. The same applies to the fog lights integrated in the bumper.

Infinity G37 Carbon body kit Vertini RF1.3. Rims tuning 16

And the LED taillights also seem to come from the accessories because they are clearly darkened as you can see. The Infiniti is rounded off with completely black windows all around which have 4 x wind deflectors on the side. Apart from the type designation of the wheelset, we have no information at all, all the details mentioned above are only derived from the pictures. If we get more detailed information, there will of course, as always, be an update for this report. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Infinity G37 Carbon body kit Vertini RF1.3. Rims tuning 10

(Photos: Vertini Wheels)

These are the changes to the Infinity G37:

  • Vertini Wheels RF1.3. rims
  • Carbon front spoiler
  • Approaches for side skirts made of carbon
  • Bonnet right & left with air intakes
  • new tailgate with integrated spoiler
  • Carbon diffuser
  • right & left sports exhaust system with blue burnt tailpipes
  • Carbon roof spoiler
  • new headlights in front (with darkened inlay & colored accents)
  • new fog lights
  • dark LED taillights
  • 4 x wind deflector on the side windows
  • Lowering (Airride air suspension - more information is not available)
  • darkened / tinted windows
  • possibly a performance increase - (chip tuning, tuning box, compressor or turbo conversion, NOS etc. - more information is not available)

Infinity G37 Carbon body kit Vertini RF1.3. Rims tuning 11

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Vertini RF1.3. Rims & Airride

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