Sutton CS800 - Ford Mustang GT with 800PS & Bodykit

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Sutton CS800 Ford Mustang GT Bodykit CS500 Tuning 2

Tomorrow she starts, the Top Marques car show in Monaco. But it's not just about vehicles, yachts & watches are also presented at the luxury exhibition for the "top 10.000". One of the vehicles is the CS800 from British luxury dealer Clive Sutton. As the name suggests, the American muscle car hits the road with no less than 800 hp, which is achieved thanks to a Whipple compressor. The improved intercooler, the new injectors, larger throttle valve and the elaborately developed sports exhaust system also contribute to the increase in performance. The exhaust system includes manifolds, sports catalytic converters and actively controlled rear silencers in 4-pipe optics and is also significantly lighter than the series counterpart. A highlight on the Mustang is definitely the eye-catching body kit that consists of a carbon front splitter, beefy Super Snake bonnet with air inlet, side skirts, a spoiler lip and covers for the side windows.

Sutton CS800 Ford Mustang GT Bodykit CS500 Tuning 9

The grille is also new and does not have the typical Ford emblem. All around there are still “Sutton logos” and also a new set of wheels and an adapted chassis including lowering are included. And since 800 PS want to be brought to a standstill again, the brake system has of course been adapted accordingly and has yellow brake calipers on the presentation vehicle. And there are also a few changes in the interior and so the sporty, electrically adjustable, Ford Performance Recaro seats are stylish CS800 logos and the dashboard was refined with a lot of carbon. On request, not only the new sports exhaust system generates a new sound but also a loudspeaker system with a full 1.100 watts in the interior. As far as we know, Sutton also presents an individually converted Ford F-150 Raptor and a smaller CS500 package for the Mustang GT. If we get more information about the modifications or the Raptor, there is of course, as always, an update for this report. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

Sutton CS800 Ford Mustang GT Bodykit CS500 Tuning 10

(Photos: Clive Sutton)

These are the changes to the Ford Mustang GT:

  • Basis: Mustang GT 5.0 with 421 hp
  • Name: CS800 Mustang
  • Lowering (sports springs, coil springs, sports suspension, coilovers, Airride air suspension, with standard air suspension possibly by adjusting the electronics - more information is not available)
  • Performance increase to 800PS - (Whipple compressor conversion, improved intercooler, new injectors, larger throttle valve)
  • Sports exhaust system (including header, sports catalysts, actively controlled rear silencer in 4-pipe look)
  • Carbon front splitter, Super Snake bonnet, side skirts, side skirts, spoiler lip, side window cover
  • Ford emblem removed
  • Sutton logos all around
  • Ford Performance Recaro seats (electrically adjustable, with CS800 logos)
  • Carbon dashboard
  • Speaker 1.100-Watt Hi-Fi upgrade

Sutton CS800 Ford Mustang GT Bodykit CS500 Tuning 5

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Ford Mustang LAE Tuning Oxigin 18 Rims 4 310x165

800PS are an announcement

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