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Suzuki SJ Samurai with rotary engine and over 450 hp!

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Suzuki SJ Samurai rotary engine Restomod 2 Suzuki SJ Samurai with rotary engine and over 450 PS!

Photo credit: Chillmatic, Super street line

Nowadays, off-roaders and SUV models are getting bigger and heavier, which affects their off-road suitability. But that wasn't always the case, because in the 80s and 90s there were models like that Suzuki SJ Samurai or Daihatsu Ferozathat were small, light and handy, and characterized by enormous off-road mobility, but also brought with them a certain fun factor that made the hearts of many car fans beat faster. We will now introduce the former to you in more detail, because he was one of the founders of the off-roader boom, which has continued unabated to this day.

80s cult for everyone.

It was probably the cult off-roader of the 80s, and young people in particular still love it today, as it knows how to impress with its fresh and cheerful manner. The Suzuki SJ Samurai has become an absolute cult car and is nowadays cherished and cared for by its fans, which is why well-preserved specimens can increase in value significantly.

Suzuki SJ Samurai rotary engine Restomod 7 Suzuki SJ Samurai with rotary engine and over 450 PS!

As a Off-road convertible it already held a special position back then, and to this day there are not very many open cross-country skiers who combine fresh air enjoyment with climbing qualities. The American Marvin Sanchez is one of the biggest fans of the little Japanese climber, and that's why he has his very special Restomod version created by a samurai, which is probably unique.

Deep and evil looking Suzuki.

During radiator grill was modified to make the Suzuki look really nasty, was of course also on landing gear quite a bit modified, because the Suzuki is much closer to the asphalt than a normal samurai. In addition, the Widened wheel archesto create a widebody look that makes the little off-roader look much more muscular.

Suzuki SJ Samurai rotary engine Restomod 10 Suzuki SJ Samurai with rotary engine and over 450 PS!

The has also been revised exhaust systemthat is now over side tailpipes that are clearly visible to everyone. The Rims of the car have one Central locking and a sporty low-bed look, which is why they integrate perfectly into the sportier body of the Samurai. In our opinion, tuner Marvin Sanchez knows exactly how to optimally stage the little Kraxler, and we are impressed by the look of the Samurai. Modified in this way, the off-roader could probably find its fans who love it at every brand-open tuning meeting in Europe.

Not much has changed in the interior.

Except for one Sport steering wheel With a three-spoke look and a wooden wreath, the cockpit has remained completely true to the original. This is all the more astonishing since no stone was left unturned under the hood, and an absolutely ridiculous one Engine swap was carried out.

Suzuki SJ Samurai rotary engine Restomod 8 Suzuki SJ Samurai with rotary engine and over 450 PS!

Rotary piston engine from a Mazda RX-7 serves as the drive source.

Engine swaps are the supreme discipline when it comes to tuning, but this engine change goes beyond all dimensions. In the samurai there was a Twin-disc rotary engine with the factory code B13 built in from a Mazda RX-7, which has a displacement of 1,3 liters, and with the help of a turbocharger to an unbelievable amount from 450 HP comes. Various parts of the Mazda engine have been modified, and there is also a rear one differential from Ford as well as a heavily revised one cooling system for use.

Suzuki SJ Samurai rotary engine Restomod 9 Suzuki SJ Samurai with rotary engine and over 450 PS!

Unfortunately, we have no information on torque or performance, but the power is transmitted via a Manual transmissionthat also comes from the RX-7 and over five courses disposes. We are sure that the Suzuki is a pocket rocket, because only with his 1.000 kg empty weight and the extremely short wheelbase of less than 2 meters, driving the vehicle is sure to be a lot of fun.

Our conclusion on this Suzuki Samurai:

It's pretty impressive what tuning projects can be found overseas. Marvin Sanchez from Connecticut shows the whole world that you can turn a Suzuki Samurai into a veritable, addictive racing roll. If you like the Suzuki, you can take a closer look at it in our picture gallery, which we have attached to the text. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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