Video: 2JZ engine and widebody kit on the Toyota GR86!

2JZ engine and widebody kit on the Toyota GR86

Hard to believe, but this brand new Toyota GR86 Coupe actually has one engine swap behind. And the heart transplant was obvious, not the only change. But let's stay with the engine for a moment. Specifically installed in the GR86 is a 2JZ engine and Larry Chen was allowed to try it out directly. Compared to the standard 2,4-liter boxer, the performance of the 2JZ-GE is significantly better. Because the engine comes from a Lexus IS 300 sedan and is currently still close to series production. The engine is coupled to a Manual transmission the Toyota W series from an older IV Supra. The engine power is said to be around 500 PS on the bike with regular gasoline. There was also a Pandem aero kit style body kit and many more changes. It's best to watch them all in the video.


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