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Powerful: Tank 800 - the new luxury off-roader from China.

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Tank 800 Wey Offroader 1 mighty: Tank 800 new luxury offroader from China.

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At a time when electromobility is a priority, the young Tank brand, which was launched at Auto Shanghai 2021, is probably going a different way and is presenting the model called 800 a Luxury off-roader, which is in the segment of the Mercedes GLS or BMW X7 and should combine luxury with style and off-road qualities. It is not yet clear when the large luxury SUV will be launched in China, but the first pictures already show that the design of the colossus is strongly based on various models that have long been represented in the luxury class. We think the brand can be successful and now we are facing you Tank 800 a little more precisely.

Design borrowed from Maybach, Cadillac and Hongqi.

The first thing that falls on the new tank SUV is the Two-tone paint which is clearly inspired by the Maybach models of the Mercedes-Benz brand. In this case, the two-tone look loosens up the massive and heavy-looking design of the 800, and above all the upper part of the vehicle, which was kept in creamy white, provides a little lightness and swing in the lines. The sideline of the Tank 800 is strongly reminiscent of a BMW X7, but without adopting the typical BMW Hofmeister kink. The slightly flared fenders ensure an off-road look, which is displayed very subtly and not provocatively. The front section, on the other hand, has parallels to a Hongqi or a Toyota Crown, and looks very majestic with its large chrome grille. The white bonnet, which benefits from profile folds on the side, is a bit reminiscent of a Rolls-Royce, but of course without the brand-typical Emily (Spirit of Ecstasy).

Tank 800 Wey Offroader 12 mighty: Tank 800 new luxury offroader from China.

The newly designed tank logo is emblazoned in the large chrome grille with the vertical struts, which is intended to symbolize both the elegance and the rough character of the new models. At the rear, the pronounced tailgate falls immediately with the far drawn in taillights that remind a little of Cadillac or Volvo. Fake exhaust pipes Of course, they shouldn't be missing either, and unlike its siblings, the Tank 800 does not have an externally installed spare wheel. Lots of chrome on the bumper and a large chrome lettering with the word "TANK" round off the extroverted, robust and yet charming appearance of the new luxury SUV from the brand that has just been presented.

A 3-liter turbo gasoline engine is supposed to drive the vehicle.

The heart of the new Tank 800 is probably a brand new 3-liter turbo gasoline engine, which has an impressive performance of from 354 HP should generate. The maximum torque is with 500 Newton meter specified, and the power is transmitted via a automatic transmission permanently on all four wheels. Whether for rough and smooth, the desert or the urban jungle, the new tank is made for all challenges that may lie ahead.

Tank 800 Wey Offroader 13 mighty: Tank 800 new luxury offroader from China.

Our conclusion on the new Tank 800:

Something is rolling towards us. A majestic and at the same time robust SUV, which from our point of view can easily keep up with European and American SUV models in terms of design. Unfortunately, there is still no exact information about the market launch and the price, as the vehicle on display at Auto Shanghai is officially recognized as a Semi-concept referred to as. If you like the luxury off-roader, you can take a look at the corresponding picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Tank 800 Wey Offroader 15 mighty: Tank 800 new luxury offroader from China.

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Powerful: Tank 800 - the new luxury off-roader from China.

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Powerful: Tank 800 new luxury off-roader from China.

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