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TECHART Porsche Cayenne models with up to 750 PS!

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TECHART Porsche Cayenne PO536 24 TECHART Porsche Cayenne models with up to 750 PS!

The new TECHART Powerkit for the Porsche Cayenne GTS completes the TECHART customization program for the Porsche Cayenne models (PO536). With the dynamic TECHART Aerokit, powerful performance enhancements, new sports exhaust systems and five different TECHART light alloy wheels as well as individually manufactured interiors and steering wheels, TECHART rounds off a wide range of customization and refinement for the current Porsche Cayenne models. The power upgrade for the Cayenne GTS is particularly impressive with an additional 133 kW (180 hp) and a torque increase of 250 Newton meters. The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h takes 3,6 seconds, almost a whole second faster than the production model. The sprint to 200km / h is even more impressive. With the TECHART Powerkit, it only takes 12,5 seconds - over five seconds less than the standard GTS.

Individualization and up to 750 hp

TECHART Porsche Cayenne PO536 45 TECHART Porsche Cayenne models with up to 750 PS!

The TECHART Powerkits are based on the proven TECHART TECHTRONIC motor management and the installation is carried out within a short time by any authorized TECHART sales partner, without interfering with the standard control software. The high quality standard of genuine TECHART customization is also underpinned in the Cayenne models by the TECHART TECHTRONIC guarantee and TECHART PROTECT, the full guarantee for all individualized Porsche new and used vehicles.

Sporty styling offer with TECHART Aerokit for the Cayenne.

TECHART Porsche Cayenne PO536 23 TECHART Porsche Cayenne models with up to 750 PS!

The TECHART aerodynamics package for the Cayenne and Cayenne Coupé models offers extensive styling options. With a dynamic front section, the aero front hood made entirely of carbon fiber and a particularly powerful rear, the TECHART Aerokit expresses sportiness and personal freedom. The new two-part front spoiler integrates seamlessly and elegantly into the Cayenne design line and thus once again sets the vehicle apart from the series vehicles. The rear section is also characterized by TECHART performance: in addition to a sharply contoured spoiler lip on the tailgate and a spoiler lip as an add-on for the wing on the roof, the rear apron with diffuser perfectly sets the stage for the TECHART sports exhaust system with tailpipes made of titanium and carbon.

TECHART also offers numerous options for the individual color adaptation of the Aerokit components and standard body components can also be painted in the color of your choice. The new three-dimensional TECHART logo rounds off the vehicle as a personalized one-off. The TECHART Aerokit is also available for all Porsche Cayenne models with a trailer hitch ex works and for US vehicle versions.

Impressive performance increases for all Cayenne models: up to 180 hp more power and unique TECHART sound.

The power upgrades complement the range of services for all Cayenne models. These include the Cayenne, Cayenne S, Cayenne E-Hybrid and Cayenne Turbo as well as Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid. The engine performance upgrade for the Cayenne GTS is new to the range. All power kits are also available for the respective Cayenne Coupé variants. With the upgrade, the Cayenne GTS has an additional 133 kW (180 PS) available at the push of a button in Sport mode; the maximum torque of 870 Newton meters is an impressive 250 Newton meters higher than that of the production vehicle. The top speed of 300 km / h is around 30 km / h above the factory specification. The TECHART Powerkit is based on the proven TECHART TECHTRONIC motor management and ensures uncomplicated installation by any authorized TECHART sales partner.

TECHART Porsche Cayenne PO536 18 TECHART Porsche Cayenne models with up to 750 PS!

TECHART sports exhaust systems.

Pure sound experience: the TECHART rear silencer Sport provides an emotional sound that, depending on the model, can be combined with the standard tailpipes or the TECHART sport tailpipes made of titanium and carbon fiber. The system consists of a TECHART rear silencer in polished stainless steel as well as two electronic exhaust flaps and dynamic TECHART flap control. For export, the TECHART sports exhaust systems are also available with a middle silencer replacement pipe and deliver unfiltered racing sound.

Extensive customization program with TECHART light alloy and forged wheels as well as sports suspension.

TECHART sets an example for all-round customization with a wide range of bikes - from timeless classics to lightweight athletes. Colored accents in contrasting or vehicle colors can also be ordered as individual options for selected wheels. The unmistakable 22-inch TECHART Formula V multi-spoke wheel is designed in two colors, optionally in titanium gray / gloss turned or black / gloss turned. With its low weight and particularly sporty styling, the Formula VI forged wheel in 22-inch, single or multi-colored, and on request with an additional gloss-turned face. Another eye-catcher is the TECHART Daytona II forged wheel for the Cayenne models in 22-inch. It can be ordered in one or two colors in an individually selectable paint finish, with an additional high-sheen face on request.

TECHART Porsche Cayenne PO536 62 TECHART Porsche Cayenne models with up to 750 PS!

23 inch and 22 inch forged wheels

Optionally, the wheel is also available in the Dualpaint version: painted in one color, the front surface accentuated in the RAL color of your choice. The TECHART Formula five-spoke wheel in 23 inches is aiming for new dimensions. The 22-inch TECHART Formula IV light alloy wheel with its sporty 5-double-spoke structure allows numerous customization options. To match the vehicle and the TECHART wheels, brake calipers can be coated in the color of your choice and resistant to high temperatures. TECHART wheel spacers round off the present look even when the vehicle is stationary. TECHART sport springs make the look and the driving behavior even more agile with a lowering of 35 mm compared to the standard level. The TECHART sport spring set is available for the Cayenne and Cayenne S models without air suspension.

Unlimited freedom and innovative materials: high-quality interiors from the TECHART manufactory.

Master craftsmanship, individually designed. With the Porsche Cayenne interiors, thanks to the TECHART upholstery, there are no limits to customer requirements. From punctual accents and refinements to individual interiors with full leather fittings as a handcrafted one-off item. The specialties include individual TECHART sports steering wheels with painted components and segments made of leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber, perforations and hand-made seams as well as the diverse customization of standard steering wheels according to customer requirements. Standard features of the basic steering wheel such as multifunction, shift paddles and steering wheel heating are of course retained. While the processing of the finest leather has always been a TECHART specialty, TECHART also uses natural new wool as a cover material of outstanding quality in the Cayenne. Particularly hard-wearing and breathable, at the same time inimitably soft and natural. A fabric with a material structure that not only creates a unique look and feel, but also a particularly cozy interior acoustics.

TECHART Porsche Cayenne PO536 31 TECHART Porsche Cayenne models with up to 750 PS!


TECHART Porsche Cayenne PO536 32 TECHART Porsche Cayenne models with up to 750 PS!

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TECHART Porsche Cayenne models with up to 750 PS!

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