Tesla Model 3 Performance with widebody kit & 20 inchers!

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Tesla Model 3 Performance Widebody Lowering 8 Tesla Model 3 Performance with Widebody Kit & 20 Zöllern!

The electrification of the automobile also seems to be advancing inexorably in the tuning sector. For example, it is no longer uncommon for a Tesla Model 3 is modified by its owner. Thus, a Tesla is not only emission-free and fast when needed, it can also look pretty cool. We'll see how the American electricians will do in the tuning scene in the long run, but the signs point to conquest by the newcomer from overseas. There are more and more modified Teslas, and even if you have only received optical finishing touches so far, it will probably not be long before there are possibly more performance improvements like that of ingenext will give, which will provide more power in the already not weak Ami.

Black, wide, quiet.

You can think what you want of Tesla, but even as a die-hard combustion engine fan you have to admit that the tuning measures on this Model 3 look pretty cool. Of course there is no roaring exhaust sound, but that's what pulls it Wide body kitthat looks as if it was created on its own, attracts everyone's attention. Also the black headlights, which have been optically reduced by about 50% by applying an almost black tint, make a Ferrari look and ensure astonished looks from other road users.

Monster side skirts, which almost look like running boards and should make entry a little more difficult, were also attached to this Model 3 Performance. Also the front apron with its aggressive lines, we think it appeals, and it looks like it is too bonnet has been subjected to a performance cure, because the profile folds on it provide a lot of dynamism. They are joined by 20-inch wheels from the Taiwanese company Ravize, which with their classic drop-base look is a little reminiscent of BBS rims, and give the Model 3 that certain something.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Widebody Lowering 5 Tesla Model 3 Performance with Widebody Kit & 20 Zöllern!

Furthermore, there is probably another wheel-tire combination, which comes in black and in a double-spoke design, which probably also comes from Ravize. They are a little splash of color red painted calipers, which give the black Tesla a little color and fit perfectly into the overall package.

339 kW provide powerful propulsion.

With its electric motor, the 461 PS achieves, and the E-Ami in a little more than 3,5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h catapulted, the Tesla Model 3 Performance leaves many conventionally powered cars behind on the freeway, provided the battery is fully charged and you don't make a rolling start from around 80 km / h. Up to 250 kilometers per hour are possible, but in China, where this specimen does its laps, strict speed limits apply, which is why the black Tesla cannot really exploit its performance.

Tesla Model 3 Performance Widebody Lowering 2 Tesla Model 3 Performance with Widebody Kit & 20 Zöllern!

Our Summary to this Model 3 Performance:

For Tesla fans and car lovers who are fully committed to the electrification of the automobile, it is an absolute dream car that was put on the wheels by a Chinese tuner. But no matter how you feel about Tesla and the like, the body kit and the tuning measures look professional from our point of view. For all interested parties, we have of course again provided a picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply take ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Tesla Model 3 Performance Widebody Lowering 1 Tesla Model 3 Performance with Widebody Kit & 20 Zöllern!

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GT Style rear wing on the UP Tesla Model S plaid!

GT Style Rear Wing UP Tesla Model S Plaid Tuning 7 310x165 Tesla Model 3 Performance with Widebody Kit & 20 Zöllern!

Tesla Models S Plaid "Yoke steering wheel" for the Model 3 or Y!

Tesla Models S Plaid Yoke steering wheel for the Model 3 or Y 7 310x165 Tesla Model 3 Performance with Widebody Kit & 20 Zöllern!

The 2022 Tesla Model S plaid on Pikes Peak!

2022 Tesla Model S Plaid at Pikes Peak 1 310x165 Tesla Model 3 Performance with Widebody Kit & 20 Zöllern!

Tesla Model 3 Performance with widebody optics and lowering.
Photo credit: club.autohome.com.cn

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