Tesla Model S "ICE-T": a Tesla with a Chevy V8 petrol engine!

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Tesla Model S ICE T Chevy V8 petrol swap conversion 14 Tesla Model S ICE T: a Tesla with a Chevy V8 petrol!

Many environmentalists are likely to riot now and protest, while car enthusiasts with petrol in their blood begin to cheer. The first Tesla Model S with GM V8 petrol engine was presented at this year's SEMA, and caused both enthusiastic amazement and sheer horror. You first have to come up with the idea of ​​introducing the Tesla Model S to the electric car pioneer Incinerator Heart to plant. And then also a real old-school engine with eight cylinders and a large displacement. You could say it looks a little like Elon Musk resurrected the dinosaurs and created a Jurassic Park. We'll introduce this wild creation to you in more detail, even if we don't know what Mr Musk thinks of this idea.

"ICE-T" creates discussions!

The man behind the crazy idea is the American Rich Benoit, who runs his YouTube channel Rich rebuilds celebrates great success, and we already have one Mini Cooper EV conversion know But Greta Thunberg's nightmare that has come true is just one of various vehicles that Tuner Rich has already converted. He has also transplanted electric drives into many classic cars. This time he wanted to turn the tables and show that you can turn an electric vehicle into a combustion monster.

Before anyone comes up with the idea of ​​pillorying the tuner, it should be said that Rich Benoit is also the co-founder of Electrified garage is, a workshop that specializes in Electric cars has specialized, and has already modified various Tesla models. Nonetheless, of course, many are wondering how one comes up with the idea of ​​equipping a Tesla with a V8 gasoline engine, and the answer is the following: Rich Benoit wanted to rescue a 2015 Tesla Model S that fell victim to a flood disaster and did everything possible to rebuild the vehicle.

a Tesla with a V8 petrol engine

Tesla Model S ICE T Chevy V8 petrol swap conversion 2 Tesla Model S ICE T: a Tesla with a Chevy V8 petrol!

But it's a Herculean task, one Replacement battery for a Tesla to find. And since the tuner failed at this company, he came up with the idea of ​​simply one V8 suction gasoline engine to be transplanted into the Model S to make it roadworthy again. It is of course complicated to carry out such a conversion, since the Engine and Gear and the alternator come from a fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro SS V8, and first of all a suitable one Center tunnel for the transmission had to be created. That was the only way to do it Six-speed manual switch TR 6060 in the Tesla.

Tesla Model S ICE T Chevy V8 petrol swap conversion 7 Tesla Model S ICE T: a Tesla with a Chevy V8 petrol!

The body is up to that bronze-colored foiling remained almost completely series, except that the rear bumper had to be changed to accommodate the newly acquired Exhaust System to accommodate. In addition, were still at the front air intakes and two Air inlet ducts created that ensure that the combustion engine can breathe better. The charging socket of the originally electrically operated Model S was also replaced by a classic filler pipe from a motorboat replaced.

Interior also with modifications

Even though the Tesla kept a lot of OEM parts, it was Interior heavily modified. So stopped about sequential gear lever from motorsport move into the Model S, via which the manual transmission is operated. In addition, a Haltech display built in, which shows the most important telemetry data of the vehicle. Seats, door panels and cockpit were of course completely restored after the water damage, and brought to a brand-new condition.

A 6,2 liter LS3 V8 provides propulsion!

Now people with a green conscience have to be very strong, because now we come to the drive of the "ICE-T" -Teslas, On 6,2 liter V8 petrol engine from the GM shelf with the factory code LS3, the round 430 PS performs, performs its service in the single piece. There are even plans to improve the performance, and thus probably also the CO₂ emissions to increase, because one Compressor conversion plans to give the Tesla even more power.

Tesla Model S ICE T Chevy V8 petrol swap conversion 3 Tesla Model S ICE T: a Tesla with a Chevy V8 petrol!

This also means that emissions continue to rise! Many Tesla fans will probably hold their heads in view of the approximately 430 PS, because they are used to different performance data, and probably also driving values, from a conventional Model S. That's what this is for Soundscape matchless!

Our Summary to the Tesla Model S:

At first it was sacrilege, and in the second it becomes clear that this is also a vehicle built by Tesla, which (unfortunately) ensures that the dominance of the Americans around Elon Musk certainly does not decrease. Regardless of whether as a gasoline or electric car, Tesla could become the coffin nail for many badly battered traditional brands, which would desolate the automotive landscape. We don’t want to hope so, and we pay tribute to the crazy and creative tuner for the project. If you are interested in the vehicle, you are welcome to click through the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Tesla 'Special Ops' Camouflage Model S for Veterans Day!

Tesla Special Ops Camouflage Model S Veterans Day 2 310x165 Tesla Model S ICE T: a Tesla with a Chevy V8 petrol engine!

KW coilover kit variant 3 for the Tesla Model Y!

low Tesla Model Y KW coilover kit standing photo 002 310x165 Tesla Model S ICE T: a Tesla with a Chevy V8 petrol engine!

Tesla Model X with a machine gun in the back!

Tesla Model X with machine gun 1 310x165 Tesla Model S ICE T: a Tesla with a Chevy V8 petrol engine!

Tesla Model S "ICE-T" - the first Tesla with a V8 petrol engine from Chevrolet!
Photo credit: Rich rebuilds

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