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Tesla Model S tuning NOVITEC body kit 2017 1

Unbroken he is, the hype surrounding the Tesla brand and especially the luxury saloon Model S, After the tradition tuner Novitec already the Model X has refined It was the turn of the Model S. Since many owners of a Tesla S wanted a sporty, elegant upgrade for the electric sedan, the NOVITEC designers developed a chic carbon body kit. The components are suitable for the facelifted generation from model year 2016 and they give the Stromer a sporty and elegant touch and optimize the aerodynamics at the same time.

Tesla Model S tuning NOVITEC body kit 2017 10

The body kit includes a front spoiler lip which is fixed to the front apron and reduces the lift on the front axle. The side section receives sills that are to calm the air flow and make the luxury sedan look more deeply and stretched optically. And also at the rear something has been done because here you built a spoiler lip and a sporty diffuser for the series bumper.

Tesla Model S tuning NOVITEC body kit 2017 17

The two parts not only make the rear view look even sportier but also ensure a more stable handling. And the wheel arches now include NOVITEC NV2 high-tech forged wheels specially designed for the Model S that were developed with the Vossen Wheels rim label and featured on the previously linked Model X.

Tesla Model S tuning NOVITEC body kit 2017 16

Optically, they are characterized by five inclined double spokes and the highlight is the fact that each individual wheel is made for a fixed position on the car. As a result, the spokes are always aerodynamically in the wind and thereby optimize the brake cooling. By the way, they are available in 72 different color options and who wants to can also choose from a brushed or polished surface.

Tesla Model S tuning NOVITEC body kit 2017 20

The dimensions on the Model S are front 9.5Jx21 inches with 245 / 35 ZR 21 high performance tires and the rear wheel arches fill up lush 10.5Jx21 with 265 / 35 ZR 21 slippers. Of course, a lowering is not missing so that the wheelset sits perfectly in the wheel well. For vehicles without air suspension you therefore have a coilover suspension in stock that can be varied in the height adjustment by 40 millimeters. In addition, the driver can also decide by pressing a button in the cockpit between three damping levels such as comfort, normal or sport.

Tesla Model S tuning NOVITEC body kit 2017 6

If the model S has an optional factory installed air suspension system, the body can be lowered by 25 mm using a modified control system. For the last hint of sportiness, a new carbon-ceramic high-performance brake system provides the two variants we offer. Number 1 includes internally ventilated discs in the dimensions 380 × 34 mm including hex-piston fixed calipers in front. If you opt for variant two, there are also 360 × 28 mm carbon ceramic discs and a four-piston brake caliper system for the rear axle. The new brake system optimizes not only the braking distance and stability, but also the reduced unsprung masses have a positive effect.

Tesla Model S tuning NOVITEC body kit 2017 3

And as usual, Novitec also has plenty of changes to the interior. Here, the individual wishes of the owner can be individually addressed in the highest quality and so there are a variety of colors, high-quality leather or Alcantara skins and also different upholstery designs or decorative seams are no problem. If we get more details about the changes, there is, of course, an update for this report. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will get in touch immediately. We wish you a lot of fun watching the pictures.

(Photos: Novitec)

These are the changes to the Tesla Model S:

  • NOVITEC carbon fiber components (front spoiler lip, rocker panels, rear spoiler lip, diffuser)
  • NOVITEC NV2 rims (high-tech forged wheels developed with Vossen, 72 different color variants, optionally with brushed or polished surface, 9.5Jx21 rims with 245 / 35 ZR 21 tires, rear axle 10.5Jx21 with 265 / 35 ZR 21 tires)
  • NOVITEC suspension tuning (for vehicles without air suspension using a coilover kit to lower the vehicle by approx. 40 millimeters - selectable between comfort, normal and sport at the touch of a button - alternatively for models with air suspension using the NOVITEC module for lowering the vehicle by approx. 25 millimeters)
  • Carbon-ceramic high-performance brake system (two different versions - Variant 1: ventilated discs in 380 x 34 mm with six-piston fixed calipers Version 2: additionally 360 x 28 millimeter carbon ceramic discs and four-piston calipers rear)
  • Cockpit can be individually modified by NOVITEC in the highest quality (different colors, high quality leather or alcantara skins, new upholstery design or decorative seams)

Tesla Model S tuning NOVITEC body kit 2017 20

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