Video: Hardcore 1954 Dodge Military Truck-Based Camper!

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Camper 1954 Dodge Military Truck Base M152 Tuning 3

This Dodge M152 from 1954 is no longer a command vehicle of the Canadian Forces, instead it has been converted into one off-road camper. The mobile home was technically brought up to scratch over a period of about a year and a half, and then another year passed before the conversion to a mobile home was completed. And since then the owner Rich has lived in his Four season camper. The old Dodge has few frills and even the toilet is missing. There is one for that hand shower/faucet outdoors. Inside there is a comfortable Driving & riding bits with storage underneath and between the bed and the cab is a small one Banking and countertop installed with drawers.

1954 Dodge Military Truck

The building serves as dining opportunity and storage room and includes a small Water heater and other cooking utensils. Also is a Refrigerator from Dometic. Due to the metal shell, many practical things are also attached with magnets, which even applies to the glasses. Next is sufficient Kitchen accessible through the tailgate and there is enough storage space for cooking utensils, Herbs & Spices and more. Incidentally, the more than 4-ton colossus is powered by a Chevrolet Small block carburetor engine and besides is another wheelset with special Off-road tires installed. It's best to see the rest for yourself.


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