Between 1957 and 1991 the Trabant was manufactured in the automobile plant Zwickau. No other car brand polarizes as much as the "Trabi". Also popular is its predecessor model AWZ P70. Around the satellite has developed its own tuning scene, presenting their new creations at annual shows. The countless models and the rather high production number of more than 3 millions make the satellite even today a coveted object in vehicle tuning. But anyone who thinks only of the 20-30 PS is wrong, because even in racing, the "racing cardboard" could develop a good reputation. Trabants were used not only at small, local races. 1960 was even won a European Championship. And that is supposed to mean something - even today there are countless exhibitions, meetings, clubs, interest groups or nostalgic races over the Nürburgring, which all put the satellite in the focus. There were even movies, series and songs ("A Sky Blue Trabant." Sonja Schmidt) produced.

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