Tramontana produces sports cars that are inspired by the design and partly by the performance of the Formula 1. Seat of the company and the manufactory is Barcelona in Spain. Tramontana is not a typical vehicle manufacturer because every single car is produced individually and on customer request. Thanks to meticulous documentation, Tramontana ensures that every vehicle is unique. With over 4.000 working hours per sports car, the price dimensions can only be guessed at. Another unique feature is the absolute discretion towards the buyers. It is not known how many sports cars have been produced or who the owners are. Even if a potential buyer can prove the necessary small change, Tramontana selects his clientele carefully. Exactly this company policy is highly valued among collectors. Due to a lack of street legal approval (which is generally assumed for Formula 1-like vehicles), the tuning scene should be limited. With so much power under the hood is anyway questionable, if you could achieve even more with vehicle tuning. The company is currently working on a model concept to electrically power the Tramontana sports car 100.

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