Performance Plus in Opel Corsa D thanks DTE

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Our tuning vehicle Opel Corsa D has received a new gimmick that we have to show you. This time the change did not result from a survey where the readers decided what should be done but is due to the fact that DTE Systems GmbH asked us whether we would like to try out your DTE pedal box 3s in our 80PS rocket! Like almost every modern vehicle, the Corsa is also equipped with an electronic accelerator pedal (eWire) that allows it to be installed without any problems - so of course we agreed!

opel corsa pin stripe 6 Performance Plus in Opel Corsa D thanks DTE

To be honest, we haven't even thought of it ourselves and thought the idea was great ... In the usual manner, we received the package with the pedal box the next day and immediately started installing it. As in the experience report from ours VW Golf 6 Estate 1.6 Tdi 4-Motion The installation on the Corsa was just as simple and the result was definitely just as convincing. With 80PS and 1.2l displacement, no one assumes that the proverbial "trees can be pulled out" after installation, but that is not the plan at all. The aim of the DTE pedal box is to intensify the driving experience and to optimize the manufacturer's pre-programmed accelerator pedal characteristic curve, which also works right away. Since we already knew how the Golf works and the different setting options, we also chose an identical setup (called "SPORT PLUS with the highest possible response")!

opel corsa pin stripe 2 Performance Plus in Opel Corsa D thanks DTE

As in the VW, you immediately notice the difference in the accelerator pedal responding much earlier in each gear. The whole thing is particularly noticeable when starting off because you have to depress the accelerator pedal significantly less to get out of the spot and of course benefit from the faster operation of the accelerator pedal through the pedal box in the following gears. Driving a car and especially driving the Opel Corsa 1.2 is even fun! I have briefly recorded the whole thing in a video. The accelerator pedal position is constantly the same in the entire video, so any increase in speed is due to the pedal box and its selectable "SPORT", "SPORT Plus" and "CITY" setups. By the way, in the video I wrongly called the city mode "economy mode"! Sorry for that ...

Ps. As with the VW Golf we have a short for the Opel Corsa installation instructions put online and hope to be able to give you some support with plug & play installation.

(Photo: Thomas Wachsmuth)

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