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Poisonous sting: "The Sting-AIR" Kia Stinger from AMJ!

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The Sting AIR Kia Stinger from AMJ 11 Poisonous sting: The Sting AIR Kia Stinger from AMJ!

It's not been a week since Kia launched the popular Stinger. Das Model year 2021 receives numerous new assistance systems and large-format map navigation including UVO Connect. The interior is further enhanced with new details and materials and there are also small modifications to the exterior design. However, there is also a surprise included. Since the introduction of the Stinger at the end of 2017, almost 10.000 of the almost 3.000 vehicles sold across Europe have been converted to the GT model with 3,3-liter V6 turbo gasoline engine, all-wheel drive and full equipment as standard, the smaller gasoline engine and the 2.2 CRDi are now diesel Story. In this country there is only the so far fastest Kia in Europe as the Stinger 3.3 T-GDI AWD GT with 370 PS (272 kW) and a maximum of 510 NM torque including an eight-speed automatic transmission.

The Sting-AIR from AMJ-Fahrzeugdesign

The Sting AIR Kia Stinger from AMJ 3 Poisonous sting: The Sting AIR Kia Stinger from AMJ!

It's a shame, because the 2.2 CRDi in particular was a popular alternative to the gas-guzzling V6. And the 200 hp four-cylinder turbodiesel engine also ensured driving performance befitting its class. A maximum of 230 kilometers per hour was possible and the South Korean sprint to country road speed in a good 8 seconds. And visually it was almost in no way inferior to the top model. Especially as a modified version as this example from AMJ-Fahrzeugdesign from Aldenhoven impressively shows. The basis is precisely this 2,2-liter CRDi, which, however, with new aprons at the front and rear and LED main headlights, sprayed the evil eye of the biturbo V6 top model. And then there is the chic wheelset. Tomason TN19 rims in the format 8,5 × 20 inches are installed all around, but they are equipped with mixed tires in the dimensions 225 / 35R20 at the front and 255 / 30R20 at the rear and fitted perfectly in the wheel arch with spacers.

Bilstein performance air suspension

The Sting AIR Kia Stinger from AMJ 2 Poisonous sting: The Sting AIR Kia Stinger from AMJ!

However, the only reason why the wheel set is so accurate to the millimeter in the wheel arches is because AMJ installed a heavy lowering. Namely one on an Airride air suspension from the specialists at null bar is due. Specifically, it is a Bilstein Performance air suspension with electronic Air-Lift Performance 3P control, the painted air tank of which is skillfully embedded in the trunk floor. But the changes have only just begun. Because the body, which was completely insulated with alubutyl and sealed with ceramic, received additional components. For example, a front spoiler lip and side skirt approaches from the German manufacturer Maxton design. The rocker panels were modified by AMJ for installation on the Stinger project vehicle. And from the back we see those At the beginning of the year presented, rear extensions by Ingo Noak Tuning A sporty M&S diffuser insert is installed on and in addition and the rear spoiler also comes from M&S from Korea. The rear view is rounded off with an LED rear lighting kit and removing the manufacturer's logo on the tailgate.

Design foiling on the Kia Stinger all around

The Sting AIR Kia Stinger from AMJ 1 Poisonous sting: The Sting AIR Kia Stinger from AMJ!

In our opinion, the visual highlight is definitely the design foil with lettering and graphic elements in black that was created in cooperation with Signcom. The elements shimmer differently depending on the incidence of light and then of course there is the striking neon yellow on a mother-of-pearl white background. The toxic color component makes the eye-catching design perfect. The small details like the foiled reflectors in the side wall or the bright yellow KIA lettering on the hood emblem have shown real taste. And last but not least, the interior has also been buttoned up with small details. The airbag pot from the sports steering wheel and the steering column cover have been covered with gray Alcantara. If we receive information on further changes in a timely manner, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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The Sting AIR Kia Stinger from AMJ 7 Poisonous sting: The Sting AIR Kia Stinger from AMJ!

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Subtle: Ingo Noak body kit on the Kia Stinger 3.3 T-GDi

Ingo Noak Bodykit Kia Stinger 3.3 T GDi Tuning Header 310x165 Poisonous sting: The Sting AIR Kia Stinger from AMJ!

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KIA Seltos India Tuning 10 310x165 Poisonous sting: The Sting AIR Kia Stinger from AMJ!

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Kia Sportage BMW kidney tuning Tiger Nose 310x165 Poisonous sting: The Sting AIR Kia Stinger from AMJ!

"The Sting-AIR" Kia Stinger from AMJ!

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