Does the tuner Vengeance Racing have the fastest Corvette Z06?

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The tuning team around Vengeance Racing has recently made a bold statement in which they claimed to have built the currently fastest Corvette Z06. The tuner "Fasterproms" is of the same opinion and shows that sweeps his Corvette Z06 over the finish line in 9,87 seconds and at 148 mph Regardless of who has the "longest" ... both cars are impressive. The tuning team around Vengeance Racing has at this C made the changes below:

(Video: Ronat Vengeance)

  • 2015 Corvette Z06 (C7Z)
  • Quarter mile in 10,20 seconds with 142,7 miles (South Georgia Motorsports Park April 2)
  • 93 octane
  • 740 to 750 PS on the rear wheels

If we have forgotten something you notice, then just tell us in the comment box. Should we also learn in the near future, new details about this tuning conversion, we will inform you of course in this post.

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