Tuesday June 15, 2021

"The Ultimate AI Masterpiece": BMW 8 Series as a work of art!

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The Ultimate AI Masterpiece BMW 8 Series 1 "The Ultimate AI Masterpiece": BMW 8 Series as a work of art!

Photo credit: BMW

Today BMW presents “The Ultimate AI Masterpiece”, a unique combination of art and technology, from which completely new works are created with the help of artificial intelligence. The premiere of the virtual art installation will take place on the occasion of Frieze New York 2021, but also on the 50th anniversary of the BMW Group's cultural commitment. Further information and film material on the work and its creation can be found at www.bmw.com.

The Ultimate AI Masterpiece

"The Ultimate AI Masterpiece" is a virtual art installation that was created in collaboration with the creative technologist Nathan Shipley of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and Gary Yeh, art collector and founder of ArtDrunk. For this purpose, the duo used Nvidias “StyleGAN”, an open source software for artificial intelligence.

With their help, cross-references were drawn between over 50.000 works of art from 900 years of art history as well as 50 additionally selected works by established and emerging contemporary artists who have already worked with BMW over the past 50 years. On the basis of the collected knowledge, Artificial Intelligence created completely new works of art by combining classical art movements with contemporary artists. The resulting works were then projected onto a virtual version of the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé.

BMW has been supporting the art and culture world for 50 years

"BMW has been supporting the art and culture world with numerous initiatives for 50 years, creating an authentic and interactive exchange with our customers all over the world," says Uwe Dreher, Head of Marketing, BMW North America. “We will continue our cultural commitment in 2021 and are always looking for new, creative ways to inspire our audience. We are now virtually combining centuries-old art and the very latest AI technology to create something completely new and exciting. "

The Ultimate AI Masterpiece BMW 8 Series 32 "The Ultimate AI Masterpiece": BMW 8 Series as a work of art!

Shipley and Yeh worked together from different parts of the world - Yeh in Seoul, Shipley in San Francisco - documenting the creative process behind the virtual installation. During their virtual meetings, they exchanged views both on the technology behind the artwork created by the AI ​​and on BMW's decades of art and culture funding. The documentation of the process for "The Ultimate AI Masterpiece" is available at www.bmw.com.

“Artificial intelligence is a medium of creative expression that is emerging more and more. It's a fascinating space where art meets algorithms, ”says Nathan Shipley. "The combination of historical and contemporary works as well as the projection of these newly created images onto the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé are a direct reference to BMW's long tradition of combining the automobile, art and technology."

"During this historically unique time of isolation, we took the opportunity to be active as a curator and to work with artists from all over the world in order to offer viewers a real art experience digitally," says Gary Yeh. "It was particularly exciting to push the limits of art, to see how the art world might be influenced by technologies in the future and thus to build on 50 years of cultural commitment at BMW."

over 100 long-term initiatives

Today BMW is involved all over the world and also takes its social responsibility seriously in the area of ​​culture. The BMW Group's global cultural commitment is firmly established with over 100 long-term initiatives in modern and contemporary art, classical music, jazz and sound, as well as architecture and design. Together with its partners, the BMW Group has established its own partnerships and initiatives with well-known artists and musicians, designers and curators, including formats such as BMW Guggenheim Lab, BMW Tate Live, BMW Open Work by Frieze, BMW Welt Jazz Award, BMW Art Guide by Independent Collectors, BMW Art Journey and the free opera for all concerts in Berlin, Munich, Moscow and London.

The tenth edition of Frieze New York will take place from May 5 to 9, 2021, this year for the first time at The Shed in Manhattan. Also redesigned with the new venue in mind, the fair presents more than 60 major local galleries, many of them from New York, paying tribute to the creative spirit of the city. At the same time as the art fair, a special edition of the Frieze Viewing Room will be offered until May 14, 2021. With an expanded number of over 160 exhibitors, the international galleries are networked with visitors who were unable to come themselves. As a partner of the trade fair, BMW also offers the shuttle service for all VIP guests.

Artist collective "Body / Light"

Visitors to Frieze can also experience the latest work by the artist collective Random International, “Body / Light”. Presented by Arts Brookfield and Superblue, it can be seen in Manhatten West, within walking distance of the exhibition center. The work is based on a year-long collaboration with BMW i and the precise, minimalist culture of BMW Design and the technology that makes electric mobility possible. More information at: www.manhattanwestnyc.com

The BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé combines craftsmanship, performance, luxury and innovation to perfection. The Gran Coupé complements the series alongside the two-door Coupé and the Cabrio and impresses with the latest technology and innovation, the choice of a powerful six- or eight-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo engine and the impressive four-door Gran Coupé silhouette. Further information on the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé is available at www.bmw.com.

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