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Off-road omnibus with facelift: Torsus Praetorian (2021)

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Offroad Omnibus Facelift Torsus Praetorian 2021 Tuning 7 Offroad Omnibus with Facelift: Torsus Praetorian (2021)

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Here comes the mighty torsus as Praetorian Model year 2021. The 4 × 4 off-road bus has been extensively lifted and is of course still especially suitable for transporting personnel and equipment away from paved slopes. And the basis is still the improved, heavy-duty MAN chassis. The well-known six-cylinder MAN diesel engine sits under the hood 286 PS and 1.150 Nm torqueattached to a heavy-duty 4 × 4 off-road transmission coupled is that even a 65 percent incline is child's play. Off-road propulsion is made possible by means of powerful Michelin XZL off-road tires.

Torsus Praetorian (2021)

Incidentally, Torsus has a number of Praetorian buses in its repertoire individually configured and ordered can be. It doesn’t matter whether it is a school bus for the outback, a vehicle for a disaster or fire fighting and also a special conversion for operations management is possible without any problems. The most important changes and details for the 2021 model year are now clearly listed.

2021 off-road bus with a facelift

  • Name: Torsus Praetorian 2021
  • Basis: improved, heavy-duty MAN chassis
  • Transport of a maximum of 35 passengers (depending on the vehicle variant)
  • Torsus makes various Praetorian buses (fFor evacuation, fire fighting, motor sports, operations management, etc.)
  • Engine: six-cylinder MAN diesel engine (286 hp and 1.150 Nm torque)
  • heavy-duty 4 × 4 off-road gear (maximum 65% gradient possible)
  • Michelin XZL off-road tires (specially developed for emergency vehicles)
  • Elastomer coating for the body parts in military quality (designed for maximum durability and impact resistance)
  • new, powerful, automatic, fast-acting fire extinguishing system BlazeCut (Is triggered automatically in the case of a fire in the area of ​​the fuel tank, the cabin is equipped with two fire extinguishers, new fireproof materials and substances are installed)

  • Improved air conditioning performance (Webasto system, suitable for outside temperatures of up to 50 or 60 degrees, improved air distribution, higher nominal cooling capacity, 21,52 kW system, fully occupied bus with 35 passengers can go from 3 to 60 degrees in just 30 minutes Celsius, in less than 15 minutes from 60 to 20 degrees, air conditioning can even cool the engine)
  • The vehicle is equipped with a heating panel (mounted flat on the wall, essentially generates radiant heat)
  • new pneumatically extending and retracting steps, new door sills, improved emergency exit system in all doors, emergency release buttons, roof hatches
  • new LED headlights and optional roof headlights (LED headlights with 4100 lumens each), 991 SIGNAL SL work lights with 1000 lumens enable 360-degree illumination
  • Control system for the passenger door redesigned (gentle opening and closing in less than 8 seconds, door closes automatically from 3 km / h, sensors prevent trapping)
  • Highly efficient bus stop brake system (at the push of a button, the compressed air of the service brake system of the rear axle is used at 3,5 bar pressure to replace the manual actuation of the service or parking brake)
  • Realigned the positions of the driver and front passenger seats
  • Passenger seats have individual monitors in the backrests
  • new insulation materials in the vehicle walls and the roof
  • improved mechanisms on the sliding windows

Offroad Omnibus Facelift Torsus Praetorian 2021 Tuning 25 Offroad Omnibus with Facelift: Torsus Praetorian (2021)

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Off-road omnibus with facelift: Torsus Praetorian (2021)

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