Friday July 30, 2021

Totally crazy - Audi R8 V10 compressor + full carbon by Mcchip

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News from the team around Mcchip-DKR SoftwarePerformance. The latest creation that we encountered from the hallowed halls of Mcchip-DKR SoftwarePerformance is the Compressor Power Audi R8 V10 which we have already reported on at regular intervals. The tuner has now published new pictures that show the R8 during the "final tuning / software adaptation on the test bench". To us it sounds like the car is now ready. When you see the pictures you have to look twice to see that the car is real!

11779892 10153385492041236 5468145135412620726 o Totally insane Audi R8 V10 compressor + full carbon by Mcchip

Mcchip has not only packed a compressor on the V10 and installed a sports exhaust system, but equipped the entire interior with racing parts and covered with Alcantara and, in addition, a body made entirely of carbon. In connection with the hammer-hard Audi R8 LMS Ultra body kit, the car should probably be absolutely unique. We already know some tuning details on the Audi R8 V10 compressor, we summarize all the information below for you. I assume that Mcchip will officially present the car once again and list all changes. If this is the case we will of course update this post accordingly.

(Photos: Mcchip-DKR Software Performance)

These are the details we know:

  • Compressor kit from VF for the 5,2-liter FSI engine
  • forged pistons
  • Motorsport connecting rod
  • optimized cylinder head
  • big intercooler
  • extra belt for turning up the compressor
  • revised exhaust system
  • Fire extinguisher system (maybe the car should be used for the track !?)
  • R8 GT3 LMS kit (wider wings, rear wing, completely modified bumpers)
  • all luxury parts from the interior have been replaced by lightweight racing parts
  • everything covered with Alcantra
  • BBS Motorsport rims custom-made
  • Carbon roof and complete body made of carbon
  • KW coilover kit

Certainly, new information and certainly new pictures and videos will soon be online. As soon as this is the case, we will of course put it online and inform you about it.

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Update from "31.07.2015/XNUMX/XNUMX"

There is new information about the above-mentioned vehicle that we can of course not withhold from you. Mcchip-DKR has made a first run on the Zolder Racetrack with the R8 and put a few pictures online!

Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Totally crazy Audi R8 V10 compressor + full carbon by Mcchip

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  1. Is this body kit even street legal? Because it is already very wide and deep!

  2. Hi Felix,

    I can not imagine that the Audi is wider than for example with a Liberty Walk Bodykit ( and these are also permitted as far as we know. And since the R8 has a KW coilover kit that can of course be screwed higher, this problem should also be solvable. You will certainly receive all the information from the team around Mcchip-DKR.

    VG Tom from tuningblog

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