Crazy Toyota Aristo with camber tuning and VIP style!

Toyota Aristo Camber Tuning VIP Style 37

Many people will now rub their eyes in amazement, as it is with this model not is the first generation of the Lexus ES 300, but the Japanese variant called toyota aristo. US tuner and car fan Kemal, who everyone just calls "K", thought that he has not only cherished this vehicle for over 10 years, but also according to his own wishes modified, and turns it into a project car that is far from over. This Aristo is more or less a test balloon on which the tuner from New Jersey realizes his ideas and fantasies.

Show car for very special moments.

The two-tone Limousine, which takes up the color scheme of a latte macchiato, was equipped with a body kit from Forest International equipped, which has very distinctive side skirts and that Aristo literally connects to the asphalt. He also has handcrafted Custom front and rear bumpershandcrafted by the tuner. Of course there was also one Lowering with help of a Ksport coilover kitwhich gives the Japanese an even sportier look. The car rolls up two-piece Work-Emitz rims in the classic multi-spoke design, which have a diameter of 19 inches, and stands out above all because of its extreme Camber-Tuning in which the camber was changed to the negative.

Toyota Aristo Camber Tuning VIP Style 36

New drawn wheel arches are of course also involved, as the standard wheel arches could no longer accommodate the inclined wheels. The new one falls at the front radiator grill with no emblem on, the addition of a large one Intercooler is supported. Various Ornaments and Car tattoos round off the unusual look of the very special Japanese. Tuner "K" says of himself that he is more likely to devote himself to the artistic side of the refinement of automobiles. This is how his company was named superlife, which specializes in the artistic design of automobiles. In our opinion, the project is absolutely impressive and would find its fans at every tuning meeting.

Racing style found its way into the interior.

Racing seats with Harness belts from Takata as well as a airbagless sports steering wheel testify to tuner Kemal's intention to incorporate racing style into the interior of the car.

Toyota Aristo Camber Tuning VIP Style 11

A lot of handwork was done under the hood.

As soon as you get the Custom bonnet opens with the various air slots, you can see it 2JZ GTE engine, the one with one already mentioned above Intercooler and a Cold-air intake system was equipped. In addition, the car was converted to manual transmission, as "K" is a Five-speed gearbox from a Toyota Supra Mk3 with the Factory code R154 installed. Unfortunately, we have more power and torque values no information, but we are sure that the car is not underpowered. The manual switch, the rear-wheel drive and the straight six-cylinder gasoline engine make the car ideal for Drift racing in which he could realize his potential.

Our conclusion on this Toyota Aristo:

A very exciting project, especially when you consider that the tuner has been working on it for 10 years, and still is there is no end in sight. So far, however, everything has been done right, as the car looks very professionally tuned, even if it combines several tuning styles in one project. If you like the Toyota, you can click on our picture gallery of the vehicle, which we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Toyota Aristo Camber Tuning VIP Style 10

Info: / Pictures by Keiron Berndt (Instagram: keiron_berndt)

Toyota Aristo Camber Tuning VIP Style 9

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Crazy Toyota Aristo with camber tuning and VIP style!

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