Toyota Crown Royal Saloon with Airride & Camber tuning!

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Toyota crown is not only a legend in Japan. As the oldest still active model name of the car giant from the Far East, the model series has built up a reputation that is known far beyond the borders of Japan. The first generation of the Crown was presented to the public as early as the 50s, and at the end of the 50s it was with the Crown that the brand from Nagoya took the first steps towards conquering the US market. Today we know that the attempt to conquer the US market was successful and since this year Toyota has even been number 1 in America, ahead of General Motors. Now let's introduce you to one Crown Royal Saloon before, which is based in China, and from the tuning workshop super street with some modifications was provided.

Wine-red luxury liner in VIP style!

He stands deep and full, the Crown Royal, with a Airride chassis was equipped to significantly increase road presence. Even without tuning, the vehicle looks majestic and stately, but with the VIP Tuning from Super Street, dynamism and sportiness are also finding their way into the Japanese representative vehicle. silver Exterior mirror caps and Chrome trim on the front bumper testify to the trends that are currently common in the Middle Kingdom and would probably not be to everyone's taste in this country.

In addition to the extreme lowering, there were also wide ones side skirts installed, which ensure that that Bippu tuning comes into its own. But the highlight of the conversion is the negative wheel camber at the front and rear, which corresponds to the genre of the Camber tunings assigned, and provides a spectacular look. However, we are sure that the driving behavior of the rear-wheel drive sedan is not conducive to equipping it with such a camber. At the rear, we also expect a few not so successful features, such as the golden ones Lettering and emblemsthat too much after Porn style tuning 80's look.

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On the other hand, the fits the Crown Royal far better Four pipe exhaust system in AMG style, which comes with rectangular, symmetrically arranged exhaust pipes and suggests sportiness. The most important things, however, are 19 inch aluminum from BBS, which are kept in the classic honeycomb design and have a silver finish. They round off the predominantly successful tuning and integrate excellently.

A 3-liter V6 petrol engine drives the sedan!

The engine, which bears the factory code 3GR-FE, has a displacement of three liters and six cylinders in a V configuration. This aggregate performs 231 PS and rather modest 300 Newton meter maximum torque. The engine is coupled to an automatic, and the power is transmitted to the rear wheels.

Our verdict on the Toyota Crown Royal Saloon:

A successful project, but the VIP tuning was sometimes overdone! Discreet is different, and you have to be very extroverted to be happy with this vehicle! As always, we have included a photo gallery with the article. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Toyota Crown Royal Saloon with Airride and Camber tuning by Super Street!
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