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Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts.ch - racing gnome with racing look!

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Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts 4 Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts.ch Racing gnome with racing look!


The GR Toyota Yaris is currently the hottest compact racing tool on the market. So it is almost a matter of course that many tuning companies take on the little Japanese to do even more Racing feeling to tickle out of the racing roll. It is therefore also clear that the limited model, which will only roll off the production line for two model years, is finding more and more fans and will certainly be in great demand on the used car market, if one can even get one. In any case, this racing dwarf is the ideal vehicle for them Tuning scene, which is why more and more modified copies of the GR Yaris can be found. Today we are introducing you to a very special vehicle from Switzerland in more detail.

The finest track tool.

In cooperation with the assembly partner Semes Bachenbülach has the company Track parts converted a Yaris GR into a flawless track tool, and that with full street legal. The project was carried out with the help of various parts suppliers such as Endless, Titan 7, Öhlins, Recaro and Yokohama realized. In addition, other components from other suppliers and companies were installed, which also have a big name in the tuning scene and in one Listed at the end of the post can be found. For example, a Road & Track chassis project installed by Öhlins, which served as a test chassis for Öhlins DTC at the Nürburgring, and will not be delivered to customers until the end of the year. In addition, a Fall kit built for the front axle, which enables up to -3,5 ° more camber. To weight loss also found a lighter one LithiumNEXT battery, Which 15,5 kg Weight compared to the standard battery saves, the way in the Yaris. Ensure optimal deceleration values Endless N39S racing brake pads as well as Endless RF-650 racing brake fluid.

Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts 9 Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts.ch Racing gnome with racing look!

Serve as rims Titan 7 T-S5S in the format 9,5 × 18 ET40that weigh only 8,51 kg. A fabulous value in this league. The offset of 40 is optimal with regard to the negative camber of -3,5 °, thus the tire do not drag on the shock absorber. On the extra light rims were Yokohama A052 semi-slick tires raised, which come in the format 255/35 R18, and literally let the little four-wheel drive stick to the asphalt. For further weight savings were also 20 wheel nuts made of titanium, which together weigh only 0,39 kg. To optimize the sound, a Inoxcar exhaust system from cat, which weighs only 13,4 kilograms. The diameter of the system is 70-65-2 × 52 mm. One stopped in the engine compartment Cusco strut bar Moved in to give the front end of the vehicle a higher body rigidity. Thus, the track tool should be ideally suited to the Racetrack to shine, however, thanks to its shrill foiling to ensure enough attention and envious glances on the street as well.

A lot of work was done in the interior

Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts 39 Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts.ch Racing gnome with racing look!

Inside, for example, was a Club sports bar with rear dome brace built in, which ensures that the small blast gun becomes a real racing device, and the Stiffness the body is increased dramatically as a result. In order to get a sportier sitting position, which is also suitable for tall statures, are Recaro pole position seats built-in, which increases the seating position 6 cm down relocate. Likewise, the interior was almost complete strippedby removing the rear seats, the parcel shelf and almost the entire rear of the car to save a little more excess weight. After all, these measures bring a weight saving of 33,1 kg.

Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts 37 Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts.ch Racing gnome with racing look!

Drive? The 1,6-liter three-cylinder turbo, of course

The 1,6-liter three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine that comes as standard 261 PS and 360 Newtonmeter delivering maximum torque was thanks to one Additional control unit from DTC increased performance. He is now generating 40 PS and 54 Newtonmeter more than in the series. Thus, the magic mark of 300 hp is cracked, and the performance should be on Sports car level lie. However, the vehicle is more intended to have a lot of fun on winding country roads or mountain passes, because it is not primarily designed for fast games on the motorway.

Our conclusion on the Toyota GR Yaris from trackparts.ch!

We are extremely impressed by what the Swiss tuning company has conjured up from the little Japanese, and we can only take our hats off to so much professionalism. If you have also taken the little one in your heart, then you can take a look at the picture gallery at the end of the post that we have attached to the article. And who everything down to the last detail want to know, the best thing to do is to look at the complete conversion story trackparts.ch at. (Pictures by @ kevin.tobler)

Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts.ch - Manufacturer:

  • Endless braking Sweden
  • Öhlins DTC in Meuspath
  • Recaro seats
  • Titan 7 rims USA
  • Yokohama Switzerland
  • LithiumNext
  • FH Fischer Stahlflex

Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts 28 Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts.ch Racing gnome with racing look!

Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts.ch - changes:

  • Seat conversion to Recaro Pole Position ABE (6 cm lower seat position)
  • Semes seat console
  • Lighten the interior (-33.1 kg less weight)
  • Cusco strut bar for more rigidity in the front end
  • Endless N39S racing brake pads
  • Endless RF-650 racing brake fluid
  • FH-Fischer steel braided lines for an exact pressure point
  • Club sports bar with rear strut bar
  • Titan 7 T-S5S 9.5 × 18 ET40 (weight 8.51 kg) (ET40 is optimal, so you can drive with a -3.5 ° camber without the tire dragging on the shock absorber)
  • 255 / 35R18 Yokohama A052 semi slicks
  • Titanium wheel nuts (20 pieces weigh 0.39 kg «original 1.38 kg»)
  • Inoxcar exhaust system from Kat (weight 13.4 kg) diameter OEM: 70-61-2x42mm / diameter inoxcar: 70-65-2x52mm
  • Project Öhlins Road & Track suspension (test suspension from Öhlins DTC at the Nürburgring)
  • Camber kit for front axle (up to -3.5 ° more camber)
  • DTC additional control unit (+ 40PS, + 54Nm)
  • LithiumNEXT battery (-15,5 kg weight compared to the OEM battery)

Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts 34 Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts.ch Racing gnome with racing look!

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Toyota GR Yaris by trackparts.ch

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