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Rocket Bunny Toyota GT86 with Nissan GT-R engine by Street FX Motorsport

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Without words, there is no other way to describe such an extreme conversion as that of StreetFX. Not only did the Toyota GT86 be the first in Australia to receive a rocket bunny body kit made of metal, a 4,1 liter Nissan GT-R engine was also installed. And so that the whole thing goes at least as brutally as it looks, the goal is an increase in performance to at least 1.000PS. By the way, maybe it's just me, you will also find that the body kit looks much more consistent and of higher quality than the previously known ones Pandem rocketbunny tra-kyoto Body kits with the riveted fenders? Sure, the whole thing should of course be a lot more complex, but in the end the result looks much more appropriate and should also be of higher quality.

Rocket Bunny Toyota GT86 Nissan GT R Engine Tuning Street FX Motorsport 4 Rocket Bunny Toyota GT86 with Nissan GT R engine by Street FX Motorsport

The team around Street FX Motorsport & Graphics is by the way not unknown on tuningblog.eu, we already showed one in February Maserati-Porsche 911-Nissan 350Z modification in a vehicle which was also created in the halls of Street FX. The current GT86 is not quite as individual, but much more potent and coherent than the aforementioned "hybrid" for which a Rocket Bunny Body Kit was also forged. Unfortunately, we are only aware of the modifications to the current GT86 in English and we hope that we will receive more information in German as soon as possible. If this is the case, the post will of course be updated. We hope you enjoy watching.
Rocket Bunny Toyota GT86 Nissan GT R Engine Tuning Street FX Motorsport 2 Rocket Bunny Toyota GT86 with Nissan GT R engine by Street FX Motorsport (Photos: Street FX Motorsport & Graphics)

These are the changes to the Toyota GT86 Coupe that we found on the tuner's website:

  • 2012 Toyota 86 GTS
    AVO Turbo kit
    AVO dump pipe
    AVO front mount intercooler
    Perrin cold air intake
    EcuTek ECU with AVO stage 1 tune
    MCA "Red Series" coilovers
    Invidia titanium tipped exhaust
    Invidia front pipe / cat
    Perrin overpipe
    HKS Oil cooler kit
    BRZ side fender garnishes
    Concave concepts CC03 19 × 9.5in rims
    Toyo Proxes R888 235 / 35 / 19 semi slicks
    StreetFX slimline license plate bracket
    StreetFX LED upgrade (inside and out \
    AP racing brakes front and rear
    Cusco front strut brace
    Cusco Rear Strut brace
    Cusco front and rear tow hooks
    Perrin transmission support mount
    TRD body kit (front / side / rear / boot lip)
    24LED License plate light modules
    CaFi 62100 Android head unit with OBD2 interface
    Valenti "SG" tail lights
    Valenti "SG" foglight / reverse light with StreetFX brakelight modification
    Beatsonic sharkfin roof antenna
    Street FX chrome mirror indicator bulbs
    Hertz 3-way front splits
    Hertz 10 ″ sub in Hertz box
    Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) interfaced with head unit video feed
    Mongoose reverse camera
    JPM Coachworks instrument gauge cluster cover
    Rocket Bunny Widebody Kit

    Purchased but not yet fitted:

    Spare engine currently being built (sleeved, forged low comp pistons, forged rods, balanced and blueprinted etc)
    JPM Coachworks handbrake boot
    JPM Coachworks gear boat
    JPM Coachworks speaker surrounds
    JPM Coachworks kneepads
    Seibon Carbon Fiber bonnet
    Rocket Bunny Wing
    TRD 2 way LSD
    Cusco rear camber arms
    FBM V-belt turbo manifold
    FBM slimline fans
    FBM dump pipe
    FBM intercooler piping
    Injector Dynamics ID1000 1000cc injectors with adapters
    AVO Catch can and PCV
    Forgestar custom wheels (19 in street)
    CC02 custom wheels (18 in track)
    Tial V-band 44mm wastegate
    Tial BOV
    Beatrush catch can (I dont like the look of the AVO one)
    Fuel pump
    Koyo radiator
    Bayside Autostyling 10 in subwoofer enclosures (one for each side of the boat)
    GFB Lightweight pulley set
    Greddy Evo 3 Exhaust
    Motive Concepts overpipe
    Pair of Hertz 10 in subs for boot install

    Things still required / not decided on:

    Final ECU Solution
    Turbocharger selection
    Seibon CSL style Bootlid
    May change to 5 × 114.3 with an adapter kit

    List of contributors to the project:

    Option 1 Garage
    MVP Motorsports
    CarMods Australia
    Import monsters
    Solar Style Window Tinting
    NorthShore Toyota
    AudioExpress Brisbane
    MCA suspension
    Cameron's bodyworks
    OnTheRun Motorsports
    Hertz Audio
    Full Blown Motorsports
    Bayside car styling
    GFB Australia


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