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462,9 PS: Toyota Supra will be a perfect track tool!

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BILSTEIN Supra 462,9 PS: Toyota Supra will be a perfect track tool!

BILSTEIN is currently working on a very special project: building the perfect track tool! “The” Japanese sports car par excellence, the Toyota Supra, serves as the basis. Small and light, with a 340 hp in-line six-cylinder and rear-wheel drive, it is the ideal basis for tuning. After extensive renovations, the Toyota will no longer be recognizable: Both the interior and the exterior will be completely changed, the Supra will be subjected to an increase in performance to exactly 462,9 hp and the new, officially available coilover kit BILSTEIN EVO T1 will be installed - the perfect basis for a roadworthy track tool.

Toyota Supra track tool

True to the motto: "You pick the parts - we do the work", the BILSTEIN community was able to participate in a voting week on the Instagram account bilstein_official, which parts should be installed on the Toyota Supra. The conversions were filmed by a professional camera team and are now being published in a 7-part series on the BILSTEIN YouTube channel. All of this with Nico Bastian, a professional racing driver, as moderator.

Part 1: Interior and safety tuning

The interior will be completely replaced - a new steering wheel, significantly lighter sports seats and 5-point seat belts have been installed in the Supra. A club sports bar in BILSTEIN blue ensures the necessary security.

Part 2: The first 20 additional horsepower

By using a tuning exhaust system and a new downpipe, the Supra not only gains a tracktool-worthy sound, but also the first 20 additional horsepower! The bolide also shines with new rims for the track.

Part 3: software tuning - what is possible?

The next thing is smart chip tuning at Simon Motorsport. But before that, Carbonfiber Dynamics installed particularly powerful additional CSF coolers. Together, the seven coolers for the transmission oil and engine ensure consistently high performance. An Eventuri carbon intake system is also included. The test bench shows that the 3-liter in-line six-cylinder with twin-scroll exhaust gas turbocharger has now gained a total of more than 120 hp compared to the standard version. The BILSTEIN track tool now mobilizes a hefty 462,9 hp on the test bench and puts an enormous 626,4 Nm of maximum torque on the rear axle.

Part 4: BILSTEIN Supra: faster than an AMG?

From theory to practice: With the new “super-powers” ​​you can now do a counter-check on the slopes. Our presenter Nico Bastian, who drives the car, privately drives a Mercedes-AMG C63 S with 510 hp and a noteworthy 100 to 200 time of 8,7 seconds. The bar is correspondingly high. So don't chew for long and hit the slopes: The GPS-supported app measures a fabulous 8,03 seconds and corrects it to 7,87 seconds due to the slight incline. Mission accomplished!

But BILSTEIN knows: Not only the longitudinal, but also the lateral dynamics are decisive for a track tool. With the newly developed EVO T1 coilover kit for the Toyota Supra, the manufacturer has therefore created a real highlight. The installation and the advantages that the new coilover kit brings will be discussed in detail in the next video - we can look forward to it!

BILSTEIN Supra test stand 1 462,9 PS: Toyota Supra will be a perfect track tool!

But first, a few features of the EVO T1 chassis: Thanks to the 10-fold dual-click adjustment, the rebound and compression levels can be easily adapted to your personal driving style when installed - the perfect basis for a roadworthy track tool with TÜV approval. Supra owners who have now gotten the taste for it don't have to wait long, at least when it comes to coilovers. The right EVO T1 will soon find its way to official dealers and to the online shop at In addition, BILSTEIN will provide information about the product leek in good time.

In addition, the EVO T1 can be lowered by between 10 and 35 mm - and thus an incredibly cool tuning look. The lowering can be varied flexibly at any time without dismantling and noticeably reduces pitching and rolling movements. Every setting variant of the EVO T1 is sensible and safe to drive - this is guaranteed by careful coordination on the test bench and in the BILSTEIN test drive. This took place on the Nürburgring, the test track in Papenburg and various road surface qualities worldwide.

Once the renovation has been completed, the BILSTEIN Supra will be used on selected track days. And the best thing is: The community has the opportunity to win exclusive race taxi rides! In addition, the track tool will be exhibited at trade fairs and in-house events. The tuned Supra will be one of the stars of BILSTEIN communication on YouTube, in social media and other channels in the long term.
Stay tuned!

BILSTEIN Supra test stand 3 462,9 PS: Toyota Supra will be a perfect track tool!

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462,9 PS: Toyota Supra will be the perfect track tool
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