Toyota Supra (Mk3) with VIP tuning & Alcantara interior!

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Toyota Supra Mk3 JZA70 VIP Tuning 26 Toyota Supra (Mk3) with VIP Tuning & Alcantara interior!

She may not be the big star of the JDM tuning scene, in contrast to the successors, but the third generation of the Toyota Supra also has its qualities, which are often underestimated. Made in Knight Rider style, and with Pop-up headlights equipped, it reflects the typical design elements of the 80s. In the used car market, however, their prices are miles below those of the successor generation MK4, which is due to the film series The Fast and the Furious became an absolute legend. This has the advantage that original copies of the classic from the land of smiles are affordable even for JDM fans without cashes. Today we would like you a copy of the third generation of Supra imagine that it does its rounds in Japan and has been tuned by its owner discreetly and according to European taste by Japanese standards.

No trace of JDM madness!

Regardless of whether Camber style, bold sashes or shrill exterior paintwork, you won't find any of this on this Supra. JDM Tuningstyle fans will rub their eyes in amazement, but there are also people in Japan, a country of flashy tuning, who love their four-wheeled sweetheart discreet modify. As Sasatani-sanwho completes the third generation Supra rebuilt and elegant refined Has. For example, the body was modified so that it was integrated Ducktail spoiler received, and the Painting comes from Daihatsu.

The dark green metallic is usually for diverse Kei-cars available and looks good on the modified Supra. That is from our point of view VIP Tuning of the other kind. With the exception of four doors and a notchback, all the ingredients for are available. This is ensured by rear-wheel drive, in-line six-cylinder and the Japanese origin of the automobile. But now we come to the special ones Rims of the vehicle, which set visual accents with their gold finish and low bed optics, and pleasantly set the Supra apart from the crowd. The wheels were created by the tuner himself, and should according to the statements of Sasatani-san natural, organic and futuristic act at the same time.

Toyota Supra Mk3 JZA70 VIP Tuning 17 Toyota Supra (Mk3) with VIP Tuning & Alcantara interior!

Scratching as close as possible to the asphalt turned out to be another Prazis Airride chassis installed, the compressors and cylinders of which are installed in the trunk. Another indication that the Supra is serious about it Bippu tuning. With the vehicle you can definitely be seen at any brand-open tuning meeting, because a Supra in VIP style is something extraordinary in the world of tuning.

Complete Alcantara interior!

Leather is not very important in Japan when it comes to luxury furnishings, which is why the owner of the Supra opts for one Complete equipment from Alcantara decided. Seats, cockpit and trunk are completely lined with the natural fibers, and also the wreath of the dished sports steering wheel consists of Alcantara. So comfort is not neglected, and long-distance suitability is a top priority in classic Gran Turismo.

2,5-liter R6 twin-turbo petrol engine

A real powerhouse slumbers under the long hood of the Supra. A Line six-cylinder called 1JZ-GTE with double charging and 2,5 liters displacement, which is presumably official 280 PS developed and over 400 Newtonmeter torque provides. There was one in Japan for a long time voluntary 280 hp restriction the Japanese manufacturer for their vehicles in the home market. Officially, this was adhered to, but the turbo engines of the JDM vehicles often generated on the test benches even without tuning more than 350 PS. The power transmission of the Supra presented by us takes place via a Six-speed manual on the rear wheels.

Toyota Supra Mk3 JZA70 VIP Tuning 19 Toyota Supra (Mk3) with VIP Tuning & Alcantara interior!

Our Summary for the Supra JZA70:

An unconventional, but from our point of view excellently refined specimen that knows how to break all clichés about Supra tuning. If you also like the vehicle, you can click on the associated picture gallery that we have attached to the article at the end. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Toyota Supra Mk3 (JZA70) with VIP tuning and Alcantara interior!
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