Toyota Supra A90 with widebody kit from Zacoe!

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Toyota Supra A90 Widebody Kit Zacoe 14

It is already one of the tuning classics, even though it has only been on the market since 2019. We are talking about the current generation of the Toyota Supra, which listens to the internal model designation A90. The craziest creations of well-known tuning companies from all over the world have already been presented based on the current Supra generation, and the fuss about tuning the Supra seems to know no end. Presented like this Zacoe performance a very special one Wide body kit in a shark look, which gives the current generation of what is probably the best-known Toyota sports car even more dynamic and aggressive design. The Restyling kit we present to you today.

Green and gray fish look styling kit!

Not only the coloring of the components is reminiscent of a shark, but also the way the kit was designed. while the fender flares more reminiscent of a turtle, the shark influence becomes apparent at the latest with the gill-like ones air intakes visible on the front flank. But not only on the side some things were modified, but they were also taken front view the Supra, and sharpened it again.

With a front spoiler made of carbon and larger air intakes, the already aggressive face of the Supra, after tuning, becomes a powerful radiator mouth that looks voracious. Next to the front spoiler By the way, all components of the restyling kit are made of carbon, and the central ones have also been made air intakes on the newly designed bonnet attached, which are remotely reminiscent of a Dodge Viper. In particular, the fact that the hood is unpainted should appeal to many a carbon fan in the tuning scene, because it makes the look even wilder. Speaking of wild looks, of course wide ones are allowed too side skirts, which are also made of carbon fiber, are not missing, nor is a thick one Fries counter at the rear, which underlines the rough JDM look.

Toyota Supra A90 Widebody Kit Zacoe 4

It is also made of carbon fibers and, with a touring car look, is just waiting to win the hearts of tuning fans. modifications on landing gear were not mentioned, but due to the low ground clearance it can be assumed that not all chassis components are standard. We are sure that the kit's rugged look will cause controversy, but from our point of view the set is quite successful and suits the vehicle type.

There are two engines to choose from for the Supra A90!

No matter which engine the potential Supra customer chooses, that styling kit by Zacoe Performance fits both variants. So it doesn't matter whether you opt for the 2-liter four-cylinder turbo version with 258 hp and 400 Newton meters of maximum torque, or whether you go straight for the top model, which generates a powerful 340 hp and 500 Newton meters from a three-liter turbo petrol engine. Incidentally, both engines come from BMW and also do their job in various Bavarian models. This means that driving pleasure is also included in the current generation of the Toyota Supra! The power transmission always takes place via a automatic transmission with eight speed steps on the Rear wheels.

Our conclusion on the body kit for the Supra A90 from Zacoe Performance:

An unusual gimmick for extroverted JDM lovers who want to give their Supra that special kick. We think that's a good thing, because there are already enough monotonous cars! As always, we have added a picture gallery to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Toyota Supra A90 Widebody Kit Zacoe 8

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Toyota Supra A90 with widebody kit from Zacoe!
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