Retro motorhome for SEMA: Toyota Tacoma "Tacozilla"!

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Retro motorhome SEMA 2021 Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla 2

RVs from the The 70s and 80s are immediately recognizable by the design. The things just looked ultracool, which is of course especially true for the “pop-up mobile homes” from Toyota, which were back then in cooperation with the US company Chinook arose. In particular, the sometimes flashy stickers and colors on the sides were the eye-catcher. And has a modernized homage to the rolling homes of yesteryear Toyota now built for SEMA 2021. On the basis of one Tacoma TRD Sport with manual transmission. Curtain up for that "Tacozilla"who is inspired by the Chinook campers and by Marty Schwerter and his team of Toyota Motorsport garage was designed and built. You also have the pick-up with one Retro style home construction equipped that actually reflects the design and style of over 40 years ago with the rounded edges, the smooth aluminum surfaces and the cool colors. 

Toyota Tacoma "Tacozilla"!

Although the complete design of the entire vehicle is a little more aggressive and modern here and there than it was back then, it shouldn't be a 1-on-1 replica, but a replica Tribute. In any case, the overlanding machine is much better equipped for off-roading than the vehicles from back then. Because the Tacoma stands on a standard TRD chassis with two centimeters more ground clearance and there were matching ones alloy wheels and General Tire Grabber X3 all-terrain off-road tires (285 / 70 / 17).

The look of the Chinook camper with a modern twist extends down to the last detail. Whether inside or outside, nothing has been left untouched to make the perfect one Retro style to create. What you need for a tour into the outback, that has Tacozilla included. He has Beds, a complete Bathroom with shower and hot water, an optimally equipped Kitchen and even one Pass-through from the cockpit to the living area was considered.

the Tacozilla with "Micro-House"

Further details of the construction are a complete more isolated Interior, a noble one Teak floor and an 3D printed dining tablethat can be transformed into an illuminated work of art on the wall. It's a shame that the Tacozilla with “Micro-House” is just one concept car is and not a production version. If we receive more details about the Tacozilla Tacoma Camper Overlanding Rig in a timely manner, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Retro motorhome for SEMA 2021:
The Toyota Tacoma "Tacozilla"!
Photo credit: Toyota

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