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"Tune" a trailer? We have a few tips and tricks

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Tips and tricks for tuning a trailer

"Pimp" a trailer is a relatively new field in terms of tuning. For years, the topic was frowned upon, on the one hand because trailers do not have an engine whose performance could be improved, and on the other hand because tuned cars with trailers would lose their charm. In reality, a tuned trailer is often a bigger eye-catcher than the corresponding towing vehicle - and ideally even looks like its mini version.

From old to new

The biggest current trend in trailer tuning: the reuse of the rear half of a disused car. What sounds extraordinary also looks extraordinary. The complete front part, including the steering space, is removed from an old, often no longer functional vehicle and then brought into shape both externally and internally. Your own creativity can let off steam here. However, the more striking the towing vehicle, the better it looks when the trailer is a bit smaller and takes up the design of the vehicle so that the two complement each other perfectly. Below we found a video for you that shows how the car is reduced to the desired size, the majority of the interior is removed and finally everything is sprayed with new paint.

Last but not least, the most important thing is the trailer hitch for the towing vehicle - and the tuned trailer is ready.

Observe legal restrictions

When driving with any trailer - whether tuned or not - the following legal restrictions must be observed:

  • Holders of driving license class B may only drive a trailer that weighs more than 750 kilograms if the permissible total weight of the vehicle and trailer does not exceed 3.500 kilograms.
  • BE license holders are allowed to drive trailers weighing up to 3.500 kilograms.
  • Those who acquire class B 96 from driver training are allowed to drive with trailers that are heavier than 750 kilograms. However, the total weight of trailers and cars must not exceed 4.250 kilograms.

trailer tuning 2016 Tuning a trailer? We have a few tips and tricks
Image rights: Flickr Ford Mustang + Jet Cesam Parotech WIIIVision CC BY 2.0 Certain rights reserved

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