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Classic car tuning - the VW Polo 86c (2F)

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VW Polo 86c Tuning 2 classic car tuning also the VW Polo 86c (2F)

Tuning a VW Polo 86C Coupé usually starts with new rims. The effort is low and the look of the classic is significantly improved compared to a vehicle with rusty steel rims. So-called forged rims are a highlight and, of course, are worlds higher quality than cast rims. The forged rims are made of aluminum and cast in prefabricated forms. In the case of forged rims, such a blank is also cast from a special alloy. Before they cool, they are brought into the desired shape using hydraulic presses - "forged". This process is very complex, but the finished rims are an absolute highlight with extremely high stability. The VW Polo 86c (2F) almost always continues with the chassis. Optimized suspension thanks to improved shock absorption and a lowering that often goes along with it are a guarantee for a sporty driving experience and an improved look.

classic performance enhancements

VW Polo 86c Tuning 1 classic car tuning also the VW Polo 86c (2F)

And of course, a key part of car tuning on the Polo is the increase in engine power. No matter if it is the 1,05 l with 29 kW (40 PS), the 1,1 l with 37 kW (50 PS), the 1,3 l with 44 kW (60 PS) or the later and very popular G40. Less used is a chip tuning, but the technology is simply too old. The data of the control unit can be read in new vehicles by means of chip tuning and optimized individually. In the Polo with naturally aspirated, this is not possible and not effective. There are components such as a manifold, so an optimized exhaust manifold, which was specially developed for the engine and improves the engine performance and torque curve. And by installing a sports camshaft, more engine power is achieved in the Polo 86c at high speeds. A sports camshaft opens the valves farther and longer.

Riot most of them after the conversion

VW Polo 86c Tuning 3 classic car tuning also the VW Polo 86c (2F)

And when tuning the Polo is also like a sports air filter installed. An air filter cleans the intake air and feeds it to the engine. Sport air filters lead but the engine (in the same period) significantly more air. There is more oxygen available for combustion, thus increasing the power of the engine. Unbeatable is above all the dynamic sound, which arises when sucking in the larger amounts of air by means of a sports air filter. The installation of a larger throttle valve also increases engine performance: The throttle valve regulates the air or mixture intake of the internal combustion engine. However, installing a new throttle is demanding and should not be the first step. And so everyone hears that the Polo is no longer series should follow a sports exhaust system. Especially for the Polo 86c there are countless possibilities and providers.

VW Polo 86c Tuning 2 classic car tuning also the VW Polo 86c (2F)

Of course that had not been the case. Our tuning magazine has tens of thousands more tuning reports in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around. Or are you interested in specially tuned VW Polo? Then the following excerpt is for sure just the right thing.

Without words - 351PS & 574NM in the Special Concepts VW Polo WRC

351PS 574NM Chiptuning Special Concepts VW Polo WRC 1 1 e1469708481198 310x165 also classic when car tuning the VW Polo 86c (2F)

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Chiptuning VW Polo 6R WRC 2.0 TFSI 1 310x165 Also classic when car tuning the VW Polo 86c (2F)

Matt Caribbean Mint Metallic on the VW Polo GTI by CMD

Matt Caribbean Mint Metallic Foiling VW Polo GTI Tuning 4 310x165 Also classic when car tuning the VW Polo 86c (2F)

Pseudo VW Golf R? Modsters tuning VW Polo F-86 SABER

Modsters Tuning VW Polo F 86 Saber Widebody Kit 15 310x165 Also classic when car tuning the VW Polo 86c (2F)

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HR Coilovers VW Polo GTi 1 310x165 Classic car tuning also the VW Polo 86c (2F)

From Hell - 434PS & 541NM in the VW Polo WRC 2.0 TSI!

434PS 541NM Chiptuning VW Polo WRC 2.0 TSI 3 310x165 Also classic when car tuning the VW Polo 86c (2F)

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 classic also in the car tuning of the VW Polo 86c (2F)

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